Netflix must have fixed it. Who is online Users browsing this forum: OP, this must a setting problem for you. I’m going with space aliens. Haven’t tested on any other boxes yet. Wed Jun 11, 3:

So now I’m sitting in front of my TV in hopes that subtitles will appear. Can’t get subtitles yet? Roku 3 X Software version 5. Who broke the subtitles on 5. Last edited by mikeyts on Mon Apr 14, 8: Oh, and Lilyhammer now has subtitles in the appropriate places – on both the roku and the razr. Netflix must have fixed it. I’m tearing my hair out–it’s especially ugly when the Spanish text pops up, obscuring the freaking headline so I can’t see it.

NF subtitles issue Quote 7 Tue Jun 17, Tue Jun 10, 9: So I don’t think the issue is with any particular wubtitles, but perhaps the channel or device.


NF subtitles issue Quote 3 Mon Jun 16, 6: By any chance did you guys try with multiple Netflix user profiles? NF subtitles issue Quote 10 Tue Jun 17, 7: Quote 12 Sun Feb 09, 2: Roku rpku X Software version 5. Sun Jun 15, 7: Quote 23 Sun Apr 13, 8: Quote 1 Thu Dec 26, 1: What am I missing that would cause this annoying thing to happen?

Quote 33 Mon Dec 23, Anyone got a solution to this?? Sat Mar 05, 1: Maybe computers are friendlier to Lillyhammer as it is a Netflix prod? Sutitles By God Virginia Contact: Sat Mar 05, 1: Also, holy crap I can’t wait for season 2.


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I tried on one Roku 3 box tonight, and found subtitles finally stickied on 3 profiles yaybut the other 2 profiles are sutitles off by default. If so, can you provide an example of such a title? Almost always, can’t get through a half hour without a lilyhammfr problem. Quote 4 Thu Dec 26, 2: Sat Jan 18, 7: Quote 3 Mon Dec 16, 5: I found 2 other foreign movies and they both had subtitles.

However, it’s a little more complicated than that. Quote 22 Sun Apr 13, 7: When Netflix eventually sorts all pn out, I wonder if the subtitle setting will be saved per device, or per profile for all devices logged into the profile. Quote 9 Wed Lulyhammer 01, 7: The one difference from all of the other devices that I tried is that, with subtitles set to “Off”, you don’t get subs for Norwegian dialog.

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It might not be possible to determine some things from the context of the player on some platforms. I also saw this happen when watching “Lilyhammer.

I have stopped watching the show, hoping the issue will be resolved. Sat Nov 12, 3: Quote 26 Mon Rroku 14, 5: NF subtitles issue Quote 6 Tue Jun 17, 9: Quote 33 Mon Apr 14, 9: Are you saying you see different captions when you view a Netflix or Amazon movie on Roku vs.


Submit a new text post. And the symptoms for House of Cards illyhammer exactly the same as you’re seeing.

I reinstalled the channel on my Roku and subtitles appeared. Next time I’ll look more carefully. Submit a new link.

Quote 45 Sat Jan 18, 8: Really, the very first thing anyone should do when trying to work around an issue with a channel is to delete it, reboot, and then re-add it. NF subtitles issue Quote 11 Tue Jun 17, 7: Quote 27 Mon Apr 14, 6: NF subtitles issue Quote 4 Mon Jun 16, 8: Quote 41 Wed Dec 25, 9: Quote 34 Ljlyhammer Dec 23, Log in or sign up in seconds.

Anyone know a fix to this? ROKU build level is still I get subtitles on Roku 2 on other foreign movies, just not on Lillyhammer.