I guess people really like 7th grade but the first episode had me cringing all over the place. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Plus Choi Kang Hee’s voice dries me crazy. I’m too lazy to check. Sue February 13, at 7: Like So-ra said, Soo is released from prison.

This is what I call a good melodrama. This show is gorgeous! When it does, Soo faces off against a hallway filled with thugs. In a weird homage to Winter Sonata, the two lovebirds walk around in the snow and throw snowballs at each other. The President then asks a final question: The story is a melo but I’m just happy it’s not a cryfest like ‘i miss you’. Those tiny moments of real emotion flickering on his face and in his eyes keep the viewer from despising this guy who is conning a blind girl.

Jo In-sung is soooo good!! NikaNika February 14, at 4: Thanks for the recap, Heads! Especially after Incarnation of Money where all the lawyers go bad, this lawyer was certainly a refreshing change. SH February 15, at 9: The next shot reveals that the Father was talking to OMO!

However, the President so ever sharp that he isasks where the information for building nuclear weapons is, because even if the projects were not completed, the information could not have just disappeared. It reads like a makjang, but it doesn’t present itself with too much overly acted scenes.


And yet, i found it alot more nuanced than i came in expecting.

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As for overacting, I thought it was slightly overacting when he was shaking uncontrollably after being stabbed but then after that, he was acting fine. I thought I was the only one who didn’t like his wardrobe too well either.

I didn’t know until my friend told me that the synopsis is similar to a Korean movie that she watched only to realized that it was. I mean you can really see the funding in the drama. Seung Hee did not know he was raised in a religious orphanage, as she was not given his background information from before he joined Special Forces.

[Recap] Iris Season 2 Episode 3

Yeah that’s like the only reason. I was not planning on watching this at all since melos are not My style. She brings up dramacrszy Soviet Union as an example of a country that had nuclear weapons but was not able to sustain itself. Yoon Gun chases her on foot, but she escapes in a getaway car. Ara February 13, at 1: But that was redeemed very soon with the great line when he tells her he’s never riding the subway with her again lol.

If they’re dead, I don’t mind just as long as it isn’t vague. Feels like Nice Guy again. Might not commit to this but i might watch it. The scene when she was in the ambulance with blood on her Ah, this story may hurt good!


Really hope she comes back with short hair though.

I’m not sure how much this particular writer has seen of IRIS, but your post and comments show that you haven’t seen much. It seems like Iris appeals to broader audience, but many are disappointed over the cast, romance, dramacrazg tidbits, and it does not meet up to the expectations that the Iris 1 set up.

Episodes by odilettante. Kathy February 15, at Jung Eun Ji–still awesome. Girl group Nature accidentally farts on stream.

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The original sum he owed was 7 billion, and you’re right, the. So, yeah, you can count me in as a loyal YB fan.

IAMNeutraliser February 13, at Thanks for the recap. I’m watching 7 Grade right now, but I’m highly anticipating that winter, and also Jang Hyuk and Lee Da hae are my favs The President then asks a final question: But seriously, I love this drama right now.