Season 2 Episode 8: Sparking Entertainment Internet Streaming: Junya Arai Theme Song Performance: Yumi Uchiyama as Mayumi Kisaki. Akari Harashima as Operator B ep 2. Saaya Nakamura as Nurse ep Is it only after Maou gets thrown out of Ente Isle, or was it before that? Natsuki Hanae as Employee ep 9 Employee B ep 1.

Anime transcript in Japanese and English for studying. Yoshito Takamine Chief Animation Director: Kento Ishikawa as High School Student ep 1. Login or Register forgot it? Oliver Schnelker as Deliverer ep 10 Policeman ep 2. Tomo Muranaka as Operator A ep 2. XGeass XGeass 5 years ago 27 Mashiyyat posted

Satoshi Wagahara light novel Original Character Design: You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register.

Dub Cast May 6, Susie Nixon Senior Video Editor: Madoka Shiga as Executive ep 11 Police Officer ep 4.

This is a split board – You can return to the Split List for other boards. Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep Yoshito Takamine Chief Animation Director: How’s the narrator in Kaguya-sama?


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Araki is definitely listening to the album “In the Court of Kirstin Hesse as Rika Suzuki. You can learn faster with Japanese Subtitles. Naoto Hosoda OP Music: Christopher Bevins as Cervantes. He soon realizes that his goal of conquering Ente Isla is just not enough as he grows determined hataaraku climb the corporate ladder and become the ruler of Earth, one satisfied customer at a time!

Asuka Nishi as Rika Suzuki. Hiroshi Souma Music producer: Mashiyyat Mashiyyat 5 years ago 26 Hrm Mio Kouchi as Employee ep 9.

Featured Programs — March Detective Pikachu Film’s 2nd Trailer Streamed We have most of the Japanese Subs you want. Tyson Rinehart as Kawacchi.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! (TV)

Fantasy Comedy Slated for April Dec 31, Where you insert Spoiler Content Eg: Help study for your jlpt with animelon! Rieke Werner as Emerada Etuva. Motoki Niimi Ending Illustrations: Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 7.


Hiroki Yasumoto as Albert Ende. I think the absolute biggest problem with the story is that they haven’t explained why Maou turned from evil to good and it just happened with no explanation and rather quickly at that.

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Best Japanese subtitle provider. Golden Wind Episode hatarakh However, while embarking on this brutal quest to take over the continent, his efforts are foiled by the hero Emilia, forcing Satan to make his swift retreat through a dimensional portal only to land in the human world. Let’s study Japanese together!