The story revolves around these two best friends, testing the strength of their friendship in difficult situations. He holds his anger. Rads 19th Jun – Ansuon me bighaati………… manmarziyan………plays……………. Sign in Recover your password. Retrieved from ” https:

She asks him to shout. She says she will sleep on the bed, when he asks her to sleep on sofa. Lucky 18th Jun – She closes her eyes and he smiles. He gets it back and stares angrily. He says she is mad.

She says she is not afraid, but mum dad.

Later Vosti realises that Arjun is dpsti and Nandini had been using him all this while after which she falls for him. Meanwhile Saral forcefully tries to marry Radhika as per Nandini’s instructions but Arjun helps her out every time.

He laughs and she smiles seeing him. She asks what did I do. Arjun and Sam decide to marry. She planned to take revenge on Samaira for her misfortune using Arjun. Arjun is unaware of this and trusts his sister blindly. Manmarziyan [2] is an Indian television drama series which aired from 13 April to 29 August on Star Plus.

Haha ardhikha sleeping in the same blanket. Nafraton me mili tu mujhe is tarah……………. He looks at her. Always luv has magic,so its better for Arjun to stay away from rad. He asks her to get out. Neil Shravan Reddy and Arjun Aham Sharma play important roles in the girls’ life and always help them in every good and bad situations.


He turns and tries to sleep. Sweetheart 19th Jun – 2: She moves away being scared. He cries and wipes his tears. Retrieved from ” https: She tries to open the door. He asks how will they know.

Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan 9th May 2015 Full Episode

I want to download kwahishoo pe likhi dil wala song can any body help from where to download the song. Later Radhika finds about Arjun’s motives yaariayn injudiciously tries to help Samaira from Nandini’s evil plan by marrying Arjun which damages their friendship.

She says lets not bring love in between manmarzyian friendship. Retrieved 20 March Sign in Recover your password. Roshni 18th Jun – Qayamat Ki Raat Dance Plus 4. Though Arjun fakes love to Samhe falls in love with Radhika due to her positive spirit and selfless nature. Retrieved 23 April amnmarziyan Devga 18th Jun – Nandini was devastated and suicidal, while Arjun had been the witness to this heartbreak leaving him bitter.

She says Dada ji says when you need help, you should shout thief….

He asks her to call and snatches it. He says like sunrise will end this darkness, love light will end the darkness of her life.

Devga eisode Jun – She asks why is he removing shirt. He says he is not afraid, she can go. The show captures the spirit of the real Mumbai focusing on two girls from contrasting backgrounds who desire to find courage to chase a life of their choice in a contemporary office.


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He says you should not do this, so you go out, this is my room, I have to sleep now. Star Plus television series Indian television series debuts Indian drama television series Hindi-language television programs Indian television series endings. Loved the blanket scene. She asks nanmarziyan will he shout on her if she becomes ghost.

Arjun has fallen for chasni…t s seen in his eyes! He laughs and says I could get anyone in the world, but no, I got you, I would have met any problem, but nothing happened, every problem is less infront of you, Radhika Mishra. He whistles and asks shall we leave. He says excellent, the balcony is there, go. She says no use, I will not go. Ira Afroz 19th Jun – 1: I was laughing and smiling throughout ab thak! Arjun and Radhika are shown sitting close and sleeping.

He gets it back and stares angrily. Manmarziyan To Go Off Air. Arjun said on the phone to inform him when sam reaches the hotel…. She asks him to shout.