Who do you guys choose? And JangWoo was just tired or smth. I hope they’ll warm up in the next episode. The T-ara members voted her as the most sexy especially when she wakes up Haha for me I am gonna vote for HyoMin and EunJung because they are both my biased!! Yes there was jealousy, but it wasn’t good jealousy as before. Ok I have to watch it with subs but I dont feel my opinion will change.

And I feel myself so sad when you thank me for keeping this thread alive. I thought today episode was funny.. He won’t fake it out that he is being lovey dovey with his wife just because they are in a show. D What about you guys? But one thing I am glad about is that Jangoonim is real. When she reached, 3 of the friend including Jaemin have a chance to pair with them.

Lee Jang-woo

JW really needs to pay attention to his behavier while EJ is around XD I watched the episode twice because the second one for for paying attention to how JW was reacting and was just like me and the other boys haha Jiwon is really pretty! Maybe somebody will show up and give me consolation and different angle from which I can see things in this episode?

I think the wf proof is Jaemin, he is a close friend to both of them and you could tell by his remarks of “please do not fight” and his facial expression that they the couple were not in great terms.

Well, we had lots of complaints about him the major one is editingI hope we’ll see better quality of show and even though I enjoyed every minute of WooJung there are more things I would like to see in them.


Suub Hae Il, Go Soo. Both of them, JangWoo and EunJung, were quite cold.

On the other hand it really looks like something is going on behind cameras. It cannot not to bother me in some way. I feel this is way better than faking it all out. I think its because someone is telling out what I have been feeling after watching this week’s episode. In contrast, Jang Woo, who is somewhat woojujg a veteran in the clubs, taught Eun Jung how to dance in a club and smoothly led her on to the woojnug stage.

[ENG SUB] WooJung CP Ep 2 – Part 1

And I love you even more for posting semi-nakiiid pics of JangWoo. Jangoonim in a neater hairstyle with Eunjung in the car.

I am aspecting lots of skinship next week!! Seriously when I was reading -yuoi- ‘s post, I start to worry too. Though we probably wont see it but it would be interesting to watch one episode with only two couples to evaluate ratings they bring to the show. Eunjung in some English Interview The T-ara members voted her as the most sexy especially when she wakes up Haha for me I am gonna vote for HyoMin and EunJung because they are both my biased!!

KQI88you’re so right that he has to pay more attention to EunJung. Posted September 11, His smile and stare w enough to make girls melt.


Eun Jung & Jang Woo

By gisellaaa Started November 27, Marrried really there are tons of them in my head right now. Enough of my blabber and vent here.

Sign In Sign Up. The roads are rough and WooJung is sitting together. He actually can get more antis after episodes like this than fans, especially among EunJung’s fans.

Hope, you’re busy because of happy things. OK, I know for sure that suzy and EJ did dream high and became somewhat friend but not as “close friends” though.

Seriously, this woojug was trying to fight every other minute of episode. And I absolutely agree with it. Who do you guys choose? I could sound like I’m fan of abs and require them from JangWoo, but no, I like his type.

What is your Skincare and Make-Up routine? Posted September 6, I truly believe in this too, especially after last episode when I will stop to complain about it?

And lol, one of them Jaemin-DaeEun “couple”. This time it was really uncomfortable for me to watch JangWoo like this, excited about other girl’s appearance. I think this will help not only the couple but to mantain and incrise the ratings as well.

Posted September 12,