And not everybody can catch up on computer or sky plus my nan always watches the Sundays omnibus as she don’t have access to the net or sky plus. Complain about this comment Comment number 9. Sometimes I just think that the storylines are a bit far fetched. If I am out and miss one it is likely I will not be back for How can I catch up on EastEnders? This is Ridiculous, I’m normally so drunk in a Night Club at this point, although a good idea would be to project Eastenders onto the wall of the night club and distribute headphones to everyone on the dance floor that would rather watch Eastenders.

A tradition that has ran for years and one of the most watched shows on the BBC why has sport always got to be number one priority there is plenty of people out there who don’t watch sport. None of the TV mags have highlighted the change either. Ohhh, I am not happy at all. British Broadcasting Corporation Home. It will be a bit ridiculous to show the omnibus edition five hours after the Friday episode. News, spoilers, exclusives and fandom from behind the scenes in Albert Square. This slot is closer to the original transmissions and will be more consistent as it will not need to be moved for sporting commitments.

Following kplayer from the popularity of the soap’s omnibus that used to air on Sunday afternoons on the BBC, the weekly episode repeats can be seen on W at 2pm every Saturday afternoon. Holland here, As a regular viewer I must say I’m not happy with this change. Why show old movies on Sunday afternoon instd of the omnibus?


Bin all the other garbage that is on on a sunday like Rivercity?? Some people probably only have freeview too!

EastEnders Omnibus

Once again you are taking action that does not suit European viewers. If the BBC really wants international viewers then open up iPlayer too to keep us happy with shows playing too late How are they related to Masood? Sometimes I just think that the iplaye are a bit far fetched.

Hi, Sorry but your reply is just an automated response out of the press release You also say its bad as we have to pay TVL what about the people who dont like eastenders, even though eastenders is on at 7. What time are the repeats on? Also don’t think this change has been advertised easyenders well. Please come back on Sunday And while you’re at it: You have plenty or chances and different ways to catch up with it.

Luckily I have a hard disk recorder so I can tape it but when I read all the reactions above eastendees might be time to reconsider the decision of changing the EE-slot. British Broadcasting Corporation Home. No one will be awake that late to watch it. This decision should have been put to the viewers first-as it is the viewers sastenders make or brake a programme-absolutely appauled at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Yes can be taped, yes can be watched on iPlayerwafch not same!! Look upon it as an investment Midnight on a Fri!

Yeah we still exist because some providers can’t get to where we are live on a heritage site and can’t really afford these boxes. Plz leave eastenders on a sunday, as not everyone can stay up that late to catch up. I oomnibus picture myself boogying to Heather Trott, although that wont be possible any more now they have killed her off: How can I catch up on EastEnders?


EastEnders Omnibus has moved

Complain about this comment Comment number 9. Complain about this comment Comment number 2. I think it will cost them a lot of viewers!

Royal Royal News Royal latest. How am I suppose to stay up this late after a long day wastenders school. Hi, I am from Holland. This is really mean of you.

Cos soon I have beenn watching Eastenders for ten years. You should state this clearly: I have always looked forward to watching Eastenders on a Sunday and like someone said earlier my Sunday will not be complete.

EastEnders: How to catch up on the latest episodes of the BBC soap | OK! Magazine

Change it back to Sunday afternoons please! Nickie Katy R Charlotte. To give you a bit more info – this slot was chosen as it is closer to the original transmissions and will be more consistent as it will not need to be moved for sporting commitments.

Phil the void 52 Photo spoiler: Hi, another post from The Netherlands. It is too late for me too.