I never once liked Brian D throughout the whole series, he was just the worst type of person. It’s important to give credit to these backstage guys who made a really clean, professional looking film. Season 3 was horrible. Retrieved August 11, Netflix currently streams all three seasons of the show, but only season 3 is in 4K UHD, with most episodes doubled up to make individual minute episodes. It’s all about the fans. There’s an honest innocence to it. Again, the way the actors use a keyboard and mouse is like unintentional slap-stick falling down the stairs comedy.

And I hope they benefit from all this at the end! Lelerao 20 February Retrieved 27 August It was the kind of fun everyone has experienced, the casual yet incomparable fun with friends that makes one forget life exists outside of that moment. RocketJump Studios describes the series as “a show about best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect head shot”. Retrieved from ” https:

The show then goes on through a series of things that happen as Brian D gets invite into VGHS the school where you learn about every aspect of gaming, and without spoiling too much it just gets crazy from there. I had the misfortune of watching this film and have to say that my life is worse for have suffered this piece of utter rubbish. But for a web series funded by Kickstarter and made by group of people who started their careers on Youtube, you can’t fault them for not having A-list celebrities for every extra they cast.

Freddie does a self insert Retrieved August 11, And that’s what it’s about. Liza Koshy Brandon Rogers To my delight, they were all just as engrossed and entertained as I was.

Just like Apallo Creed he is at first a rival but become a friend later on. Not a single sdason.

And I hope they benefit from all this at the end! There are quite many small errors that add up.

Video Game High School / Tear Jerker – TV Tropes

It has been incredible to watch his works evolve into this. Post-production started shortly after and ended in early E-gaming is already here. The series is not spiolers. You’ll have no trouble following the plot. It’s about growing up, chasing your dreams, the underdog coming out on top, finding your first love, being incredible awkward and hating every single moment of it.


Maybe things don’t turn out alright. I give it minus 5 stars. But even if you don’t know video games, some of the references are dpoilers universal that you’ll find yourself smiling at having noticed the small details. It’s nothing particularly amazing, but it’s great for the budget.

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How exactly is the Law famous for being on a varsity team? I know there are always more effects than you think, and there was a lot of green-screening and work that went into it, but I was left sewson more. It is just so off the mark, the gaming in know way represents games at all. In a video game? The show follows BrianD and the friends and enemies he makes at the school, playing on standard tropes of school dramas with a video game background.

Also this series might not be for everyone, if your a gamer then you’ll enjoy this series episose if not then this show might not be for you.

Characters don’t evolve, they just do random things that don’t make sense. You won’t find much by way of nuance or depth, but that’s okay, the movie is fun. It contains all the humor and quirk that made the first season enjoyable to watch, yet there are issues delicately woven in.

Event occurs at The animations are okay, nothing that will amaze you even considering the budget. It’s immediately clear this show was created by youtubers. I wish more people knew about Video game high school, I had never heard of it until last night. They are fresh, original, and throw out formulas that seem to plague the film industry. Streamy Awards winners — Channel, Series, or Show. I’ll try to avoid spoilers as much as possible but I might slip. Retrieved August 28, But what makes this web series unique is the fact that I actually found myself caring about the characters, the acting by the cast was actually good which is surprising, well OK not pitch perfect the was the occasion flat note but it’s vgh amateur work I’m use to it.


Although certain aspects of the show could use some work, I have to say that the show left me with a sweet taste in my mouth for more VGHS. I like some of the dialog it has some clever verbal in jokes and even some visual humor, like one scene you see Brian runs up the stairs sooilers jump to the flag pole, this is an easy guess for anyone that’s ever owned or played a “Nintendo” system.

It’s all fun factor and none of the commercialized compromise. It’s supposed to make me want to watch the rest of the episodes. Can’t the bully character and hero just have a talk like adults, or the bully confront the hero in a non duchy way and ask for a rematch? The references are usually very subtle and not important towards understanding the story or even the specific lines that they’re mentioned in. Spoilees course, they do recruit Zachary Levi Chuck as a supporting role so I guess they can get some awesome people if they really need to.

It makes a lot of sense and looks cool. Season 2 – Episode 6″. But if you enjoy Monster and Razer advertisement, well this is your lucky day.

The digital elements are intuitive and well done intuitive by being instantly recognizable and relatably – for example, when a player spoiles shot in the game, there would be a bunch of digital pixels that flew off them. Retrieved 27 August How the hell did Brian get an arcade to be popular in one day?

I have to say