He has maybe two lines. As quirky as the movie Torque was, some things did actually work for this outrageous film. The opening credits that followed was also mighty good in terms of cinematography, location, and slickness. He finally does so and stops at a diner which his old girlfriend Shane Monet Mazur owns. I remember a movie program on a french music channel, when that film was released. Junior says that he is sorry for not paying Henry back for a blown drug deal which Trey refused to allow prior to this scene and begs Henry to give him some time to work it out. Torque was theatrically released on January 16, in the United States. Most of us do have a list of movies that we would choose to watch repeatedly despite their awfulness.

Retrieved from ” https: The three gangs run into each other and cause a big brawl. Henderson says that she wants an explanation since she believes Ford is innocent. It was released on Blu-ray on April 22, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As the truck is driving it gets stopped by the cops. There are pictures all over the wall of Ford and Shane back when they were together. He finally does so and stops at a diner which his old girlfriend Shane Monet Mazur owns.

General view of motorbikes Torqeu a spectacular chase over the train — Last edit: Trey finds out and tells his biker gang to catch Ford and kill him. Ford holding Trey at gunpoint explains to Trey that he did torqu kill Junior.

Val picks up his girlfriend Nina Christina Milian and from a distance we see the four ride off in the desert as the screen fades to black and the credits roll. Joseph Kahn went on to make one more movie before going off the radar.


Trey and the two agents follow. The film has been called ” The Fast and the Furious on Motorcycles”, [ citation needed ] referring to the use of many of the same thematic elements between the two films. The original score was done by Trevor Rabin. The Reapers pulled up at the diner and chases the four. He then goes back outside and the two punks who didn’t let him pass show up.

And so the game begins. But Henry refuses and kills Junior by strangling him to death with a biker chain. Torque Theatrical release poster.

Henry, China and Luther are in the bathroom also and confront Junior there. The film begins with two cars racing in the middle of the desert. Henderson’s character Ford borrows Vin Diesel ‘s line, “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time. Gorque film tells the story of large groups of highly skilled motor racers who participate in underground motorcycle races. The gang says that Ford better stop stealing bikes or he is going down.

International – Series. Neoplan N A Transliner. The two fight on their bikes. Two of his custom choppers are used later in the movie as the bikes Henry James’ drugs are stored in. The film opened at 3 at the U.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As the truck is driving it gets stopped by the cops. Just before the agents open the back of the torqje, Ford and Shane bust out of the truck in the car and the two friends on their bikes. Finally Ford catches up with Henry on the street in a bike chase. Ford and Shane get back together and decide that the four need a vacation with Shane suggesting Mexico.


T2k tells Shane and the friends to split up.

Archived from the original on February 2, This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Ford decides to help Trey. They say they will take care of the case and yy2k out who killed Junior.

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Torque: 4 Things that Worked in This Awful Biker Movie

Shane sees on the TV that Ford is wanted for Junior’s murder. Shane picks him up and they drive back to the garage to find the others. Ford tells Toeque that he stole the bikes to pay off bills and his own bike. The FBI agents follow and so does Trey.

Trey slips and falls in front of the train and his leg gets caught on the tracks. They take a ride back to town to see a motorcycle party. It even goes to the extent of mocking the car crowd for their addiction to that particular franchise built on speed. Next Ford, Shane and the two friends stop at a diner.

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