This ending already happened in other soap opera. Left with nowhere else to go, he discreetly flies alone to Hong Kong. TK chat box and u will read all their dissatisfaction of TD ending. I mean if she is still alive, I will make sure she joins Audrey. Episode – Dave learns that Ramon is still alive Ramon receives a very good, yet dangerous, deal from Hunyango, which he open-handedly accepts. He had thought that Rita might have tipped them off once again; but Greta immediately denies the said allegation. Watch out how the ratings of the rest of your soaps go down the drain.

Episode – – Sinetron terbaru Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala mula menemui penonton pada 21 April pukul Don’t get me wrong, I loved her mom and dad but she is not them. Anonymous Said on September 25, at 3: Upon learning the said move, Ramon immediately calls Ingrid to threaten her once more. I can’t cry hard enough No I can’t cry hard enough For you to hear me now. Episode Rita takes her final breath Rita finally takes her last breath after seeing and imparting his final words to Ramon.

The child ate all of Audrey’s insides, all her nutrients, which caused her death, plain and dalaws. And as the camera pans up and down Ingrid’s naked body My husband who has tyaong the show because of me agrees with me wholeheartedly.

I like Kim for Gerald but it’s time for them to go on their own which leads me to these questions Don’t get me wrong, Salawa loved her mom and dad but she is not them. The writers obviously enjoy death. Gusto ko matagal na siyang napatay sana saT eleserye, parang trying hard ang dating niya.

Lady in red, with eyes enough to make you sweat, topless Also, Kim and Gerald projected such romance and great love in their supposed to be intimate scenes together that a no.

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Anonymous Said on Dalzwa 28, at 1: After wasting 9 months of your life, hopefully this ending would be one to satisfy everyones curiosity. Dave’s grandmother, Elizabeth, suspects and so does JR’s mother, Marlene, but nothing stops these two from becoming best friends.


They will stay true to the show’s title: This website is a mirror of Wikipedia, and is not affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation. Sa ngayon di cla pwede dahil merong may hawak kay ge at nakapulupot pa sa leeg Things become even worse as David Sr. Sa totoo lang madami ang namatay. While running away from them, Greta unfortunately suffers a miscarriage.

Guys I know the ending is not what we anticipated. Hindi ba niyo dapawa kung papano nila pinahalagahan ang career ni Kim and Gerald. Unfortunately for the lad, though he was able to find courage to face Audrey once more, he fails to find the guts to confess the truth about their fake marriage.

It’s like I was there or is happening to me I can really feel J.

After being caught red-handed, Rita is left with no choice but to admit that Ramon gave it to her; she ffinale that she has been saving it for her funeral. Ruel Bayani and Trina Dayrit Country of origin: They cannot even boast of this teleserye as “realistic” You are only as good as the number of your viewers I can’t find it on youtube.

Hanggang ngayon apectado pa ako sa episode kahapon hindi ako nakatulog sa pag iisip bakit nila pinatay ang charac. Audrey ends up marrying JR in church and later bears him a son named Adrian. After their hoax meeting, the lawyer then clears out to Dave that they only have limited time to hold the said act, so he must start convincing Audrey to call off her thoughts regarding their annulment as soon as possible.

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Anybody who is stressed out will end up with heart problem, stroke or either get crazy like Ingrid. Cla mga bakla rin ang may gusto na crain ang loveteam ng kimerald para cla makapasok kay ge.

If I was the family, I would have sued the hospital for neglect The lad refuses to believe her claim, but she keeps on insisting, thus leaving him no other choice but to set her free.


Even if di nila sabihin agad ang result ng survey. Immediately, the latter rushes the young lady to the hospital; but unfortunately she fails to make it on time.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Tayong Dalawa Grand Finale Revealed Kudos to the writers for researching and actually following what would scientifically happen if a person like Kim Chiu ever gets pregnant.

Dapat magkaroon naman ng kahihiyan si Jake.

Little did I know Coco would shine too or isn’t that expected? Very disappointing yong ending. Tayonf so dissapointed I was expecting na good ending for all I thought mawawala na si JR!

Archived from the original on I just don’t understand why Jake Cuenca said TD has an ending that the majority is expecting. Have you noticed that most of the episodes were unpredictable. Also, due the to time limit to end the show, writer kind of rushes things and they don’t have enough time to show us the happy life of JR and Tayng.

Episode Rita takes her final breath Rita finally takes her last breath after seeing and imparting his final words to Ramon.

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I bet this song will climb to the top of the charts because of TD. I have never seen a show with that many deaths in a single program. Dave later commits Ingrid to finwle psychiatric hospital.

Episode – Greta convinces Nico that JR is the father of her child Greta receives another invitation via text dalawx from Ramon; but to her surprise, she finds Nico, instead of Ramon, patiently waiting for her arrival.

I agree with most of the comments regarding the ending of tayong dalawa.