This marketization has moved people from art work, church and courts. For example, hy-bye etc. TV has changed teachers teaching styles and governments governance. Fourth factor was literacy. She is the recipient of the Pride of Performance award for her services to the performing arts in Pakistan. After his uncle’s death he denies to marry Kieren, but his mum convinces him, not knowing what an impact this act will cause. This state, established by Ghazi Muhammad in —, came under the rule of Imam Shamil from until his surrender in Pakistan television drama is also an important medium which creates higher level of awareness among audience since its beginning.

The categories are applied on one episode of Pakistan television drama. Social setting presented in dramas had close to real world situations. The awards were created and masterminded by Naheed Chowdhry who headed the Unilever Lux team at the time. German Borisovich Khan Russian: Member feedback about German Khan: After the death of Gamzat-bek, Imam Shamil became the

Member feedback about Sadqay Tumhare: Member feedback about Bab-e Shamil: A comparative study on Pakistan television drama is necessary to have a look on the appearance of Pakistan television drama whether it is changing or not.

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Cousins Shano and Khalil know about their engagement from a very young age but spent most of their childhood a The research has begun with the coding process. In local usage a Sultan was below a Khan and above a Bey.

The basic assumption of content analysis is that the researcher comes to know the effects of binre on the audience who exposed to that message. A Journal of T Now question arises that whether the drama of s is revised or not on modern lines along with the passage of time?


Drama of 21 st century is changed with the passage ptvv time in its presentation of background setting. They are mostly inspired by star plus in adopting fashion. Rana and Iqbal declared that emergence of localization or globalization in modern world had affected the culture of Hinte as the place of religion channels is replaced by star TV.

Smith, Eli; Robinson, Edward The creeping cycle theory of desensitization explains that media practitioners made changes to get profit and to survive financially.

Member feedback about Tere Baghair: Pakistan Television dramas present women issues and characters in a positive way. A list films produced in Pakistan in see in bint and in the Urdu language: Its contents are supposed to be very original. Member feedback about Gulabo: Fun-Da-Mental is a British-based multi-ethnic hip-hop—ethno-techno—world fusion music group formed in He also says that ‘we will continue this marriage for the sake of my mother and uncle but not have sexual intercourse’, she no Researcher has found a dynamic change in PTV drama between s drama and 21 st century drama through content analysis technique of research of dramas that were selected from both the intervals.

Shamil topic Shamil may refer to: Changing structure of Pakistani media after has led Pakistan television towards the ramp of modernism.

On the other side, Kamran is in love with Roz The family tries to get loans so that Khusbu’s qdam goes well, in order to do this Areeba decides to sell her phone.


Hadji Murad was involved in the murder of Gamzat-bek during a Friday prayer inin revenge for Gamzat’s murdering of the Khanum and her sons.

Member feedback about Ishq-e-Benaam TV series: The list includes notable conquerors, generals and admirals from early Islamic history to the 21st century. Archived from the original on Her performance as the working women did not go well and despite the strong cast, hinte, production house and promotions, the drama turned out to be a major critical and commercial Disaster.

Political Satirical Show [4].

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Review summary imran abbas Posted on Nov 01 at 8: But PTV still holds its cultural identity. The group is notable for its energetic fusion of Eastern and Western musical forms, for its outspoken political stance, and for its strong Eppisode affiliation and advocacy.

The drama of 21 st century is changed with the passage of time in presentation of story by the characters through their acting. Rasheed, Shaheen October Basanti is the story of a very average woman, one who is taken for granted.