She felt ignored by her family, and, for the most part, she was. Finally, a girl who stands up to the boy. It also made me feel happy since the girls found a way to end what Vanessa was doing. I stated that my book was interesting because it had tons of drama. She is not a good friend because she always use her friends to humiliate them in public. In this book, Jamee Wills is beginning her freshman year at Bluford High and wants to join the cheerleading squad. Defying her algebra teacher and her parents, Jamee goes to tryouts to see if she can carve out a space for herself away from all the external pressure.

Vanessa Angel’s bully; the girl who put the picture of Angel and Jamie Were kicked of the cheer leading squad. However, she continues to stand up for Angel until the very end of the book when the cheerleading coach finds out about the picture and tells everyone that cheerleading will be cancelled for the year if no one fesses up. They might just be scared. I wanted to find out what the modern day high school girl is reading so I picked this book up. View all 5 comments. I can relate to the character, Jamee, because when i was in 4th grade this girl was getting bullied in gym class for being skinny and not knowing how to do things. She is struggling in one of her classes and she is trying out for cheerleading. Joseph Young Sorry LanaMoore, but I don’t think the authors of the books on goodreads answer these questions directly.

In this book I can understand how Jamee could get tired of being compared all the time but I think she was out of line at the end of Ch. After skipping tutoring help for two consecutive days to practice for tryout for cheerleading on the day of tryouts which is also the only day she can retake her test she has a big decision to make.

Dez wanted her to be the girl with the bad reputation. I really love this book and love how the author put a lot of supporting details and making it juicy. The amount of drama in this book makes me want to read what happens next. This book is about a freshman in Bluford Summart School named Jamee. Be the first to discover new talent! She is not a good zummary because she always use her friends to humiliate them in public.


My book was very interesting,relates to my life in a way and teaches a good lesson. Real teen moral questions and segments on bullying and reputation—great discussion points for my 6th graders.

To view it, click here. I think this book teaches a very good lesson to people that doesn’t listen to others and only care about the bad things that are happening. The Genre of this book is Realistic Fiction. Throughout the whole book Vanessa is constantly being rude to Angel.

At some point my brother was doing better then me in school and i was doing bad and my mom told me why cant you do good in school just like youre brother and i used to get really mad and felt like yelling at my mom but I knew if I did I would get in trouble. I couldn’t understand why Jamee didn’t start to think that the girls that she wanted to be like at first was a bad idea because of the way that they act towards people like that should’ve gave jamee a clue that those girls were very mean and rude people anyway.

Have you ever went to a school that your sister just left or a school were people said you remind them or somebody else? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Pretty Ugly by Karyn Langhorne Folan | Scholastic

Her name is Vanessa. I think they did a good job in this one.

Posted by Readingjunky at 5: In my book there was a girl named Angel. At cheer leading Jamie noticed a new girl who was very shy. What i really understood why Jamee was standing up for once to her friend Angel a girl that really didn’t have no friends and was very shy hluford tell them to leave and stop messing with her.

Pretty Ugly

Pretty Ugly is about bullying, sibling rivalry, and cheerleading, and is definitely geared toward the contemporary urban reader. I rate this book also a 5 because the girls drama is like real life problems people would so I would recommend this to girls that have a lot of drama in their lives and see how Jamee handled her drama in school. Jamee is conceded about her friend, Angel alone in the team. Vanessa sends a photo blufird has Jamee and Angel in it to everyone in school.


West Berlin, New Jersey Dec 16, Serene To rated it really liked it Shelves: Jamee Wills summarg the only one that can stop it. The story basically takes place at a h Have you ever went to a school that your sister just left or a school were people said you remind them or somebody else?

With the help of her friends, the truth comes blkford. The principal tried to get them to to tell who took it but, they didn’t.

Like in the book when Jamee wanted to explain to her parents the reason pretyt was skipping her classes to help her get better grades, and to go to cheerleading practice, was to stand up for Angel Mcollister. A part of the weries was sad but the other parts is waking up and smelling the coffee. This story took place at Bluford High,her house,and her aunts house. It would be so easy for Jamee to walk away from Angel and join the other side just to save her reputation.

Also Jamie wanted to be a cheerleader and join the squad. This book is just like all the other blufofd but with new characters in each story. That’s exactly what Jamee did. SO I think that if she reads some of the Bluford books she might understand were she belongs and learn how to deal with your high school problems. Angel is a very shy girl who is pretty, wears geeky glasses, and most of all, an easy target for Vanessa Pierce.

Bbluford stood up for the girl and told the bullies to leave her alone, and then they started to pick on me for a while and I told the teachers and they left us alone. Dec 11, Mikayla rated it really liked it.