If you like it, it’s up to you to store it on the amp. Page 75 Panneau Avant I’m not going to say we were the first, either, since some of our own predecessors may have addressed it in their own ways. I tried really hard, but couldn’t find a damn thing to dislike about this unit Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. It comes to be that I have a revolution amp that I purchased 5 months ago and can only find the later or earlier version of the owners manual. Well, the settings will usually be way different, and synchronizing them manually is a bit of a pain.

July 1, Product Category Duration Features and specifications subject to change without notice. It looked kind of weird that Peavey would ask a keyboard engineer to design a guitar amp. Very good for the money. By the way, I tried out a Transformer too. The possibilities seem endless. If you like it, it’s up to you to store it on the amp. With these you can sound like any of your favorite guitar players. They do it differently than we do, but we addressed it two years earlier.

Plus, they’re not exactly in sync, so if you play at the delay rate perfectly, the amount of attack peave slowly sweep around like a ampllifier phase shifter. I looked around for a while and picked this amp because peaveyy is loaded withi features. They can be sent to your Transformer without overwriting your sounds.

To be fair, they do have a couple of new tricks, like 1 mixing and matching preamp and EQ sections, and 2 placing the EQ before the preamp. Its very solid and supports me sitting on it when I plug my headphones in, and the quality is outstanding. With ours, you can, and it’s not too bad – because you’re guitar is directly connected to the TransTube preamp. Wicked Game – Tried to mimic the Chris Isaak tune. These next two have tremolo and delay set so that you can play in the “holes” of the trem to get a swell sound, and the delay will add amplifker in between your played ones, making it sound like a tempo doubler.


I would buy another one of these, over the competition. First off, it would have driven the price up higher than we wanted.

Peavey Transformer amplifier – Ultimate Guitar

I went to a local music store and played around on this amp, I liked it, so I bought it. Basically, this amp operates as if it had 16 different “channels” to choose from. The Transformer caught my eye and the tones caught my amplifeir. They also have reverb and delay settings stored as initially off i.

Peavey Transformer Guitar_Amplifiers

It was a lot of work, but it was sure fun. By the way, I tried out a Transformer too. I wanna go down under and Mount Helena! Our members also liked: The minute show airs Saturday nights on Fox Sports Net. If you edit the amp model, then switch it back, the mods are lost until you recall the patch again – after NOT storing. At times the updated manual ocmes up to lose tranaformer of the text on the ealier or the later versions of the same model amp.

Vox is getting credit with their Valvetronix for being the first modeling amp to address the importance of poweramp coloration. When you send one of these, it will go into the “Edit Buffer” and you will immediately see and hear it.

Find a sweet spot. This allows you to keep your foot over a single switch and toggle between two sounds within a bank – similar to a channel footswitch on a dual-channel amp.

It has a direct recording out with speaker simulation, and that also goes to the headphone jack, so the headphone tone will be more accurate on the Can I use an external cabinet?


Patches PC Editor bottom.

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Page 75 Panneau Avant Everything I tried in it sounded good, and you can easily tweak the settings for realistic rotary speaker, delay, and tons of overdrive, both ptre and post gain. After installing there is a ReadMe in the zipyou can associate.

I made my own settings and saved them in a day, and still have more to play with and save. I like the way they voice their amps and I like the different approach to things that Peavey takes. Not really a big deal. The only thing that bugs me is the power switch is on the back. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

Peavey Transtube Series Transformer 112 User Manual

Thanks to Peavey for the test model, and rock on! This amp, although really powerful, loud, and useful, has two minor things that have set me back. This amp is the best amp that I have ever tried. I recommend it to anyone that is a little bit experienced with playing the guitar.

Boogie model with tame treble settings careful with that audio taper! Yes – 1, 15, 30, or 60 per side. These include number of effects, number of patches, footswitch function, and whether the footswitch is included in the amp price. It also has a little bit more oomph in the low end because it has a bigger cabinet.