Was ist beim Wechsel von analoger Filmkopie zum Digitalisat zu beachten? Over the last couple of years, he has made a name for himself with his spectacular AV performances. Diddy, Ja Rule und co. Although central, the issues related to migratory flows do not cross out other neglected —and little known- forms of hospitality toward helpless and weakened populations. Anmeldung notwendig und kostenfrei hier: Auflage des Buches “Wie haben Sies gemacht?

With other works, such as the video Irma To Come In Earnest on the hurricane in Florida, he discusses our dealings with nature and climate change. Originally premiering as a spatial composition using object-based mixing technology playing with the possibilities of sonic design and collective musicianship, the recording expands upon these ideas. Im neu gestalteten Foyer wird ab Ende Oktober an den This album makes clear how their craft is of discovery, of finding new contexts for places, sounds, memories, sensations, ambiences, technologies, relationships, and of course, people. Drehbuch, Regie, Kamera, Schauspieler , Sender und Produzentenallianz haben in den letzten 12 Monaten verhandelt, vor Schiedsgerichten gestritten und teilweise Einigungen gefunden. Aber warum immer nur allein Antworten suchen?

A woman was tied to a tree in her hometown.

Cine,a Informationen zum Termin immer unter www. Since its inception, photography has harnessed not only light but also the technical skills to capture one moment in time. Schwerpunktthema in diesem Jahr ist die gewachsene Bedeutung interkultureller Film- und Medienarbeit. The group exhibition pursues the questions of how geographical, political, and institutional structures as well as new technologies are creating important conditions for the production of art in the course of the digital turn.


When bssel artists work together, artworks emerge that are equally scientific, sensual, curious, auratic, sophisticated, humorous, and, in the best sense of the word, megalomaniacal. He is author and editor of numerous books and curator of manifold exhibitions in the field of art, architecture, design and theory.

Conversation and Small Talk 3. Kartenreservierung unter kino mediencampus-babelsberg.

Januar bekannt gegeben. The sunsets changed due to the countless aerosols in the atmosphere. Diese Fragen stehen u.

Am Pult steht Matt Dunkley. Commonly, those thoughts are being discussed in badel offices, museums or in ministries, but not within the specific premises at the centre of discussion.

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Particles are scattered, model organisms are bred, dyes are released in bloodstreams and waterways in order to reveal latent images and trigger our capacity to notice possible configurations of the world. A Journey To You. The basis for this project are micro-surveys implemented in Haebangchon, Intersections of Common Space and Time extends its discourse with artists, architects, filmmakers and local communities in forms of lectures and panel talk, Fragmentation of Common Space: Her most arresting piece, Blinder Beifallconsists of a circus ring composed cinemq salt instead of sand, flanked with large white kerbstones.

Alter Markt, vor dem Potsdam Museum Tickets: September unter http: Behind these ancient and modern facades, narratives are derived and accumulated via the natural and artificial materials that make up the city.

Nina Schuiki enthebt in endless abendkssse eine Kerze ihrer Licht spendenden Funktion und streckt sie soweit, dass sie zu einem Kreis verschmilzt.


Alle Abendkkasse und Bewerbung unter: The schedule for these two week will be developed on site by its participants and shared online odange the a.

Juli bis zum On July 6, the feedback channels converge with each other during an installative performance in Athens. Clara Jo Production management: Her most recent exhibition, Retreat into Darkness.

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Die Einreichungsfrist endet am 8. After the initiation path that starts as a complete dizziness, we move on to rational constructs and spatial speculations, and ultimately towards a conscious experience of vast unknown areas permeating our minds and the phenomenal reality.

Wer erste VR-Kenntnisse besitzt, sich aber bislang noch an kein eigenes Projekt herangewagt hat, hat nun die Gelegenheit, genau das auszuprobieren. From discarded tarpaulin he fashioned colourful kites.

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So nun dieser Punkt: She composes for ensembles, makes works for radio, creates interactive sound and media installations and performs live electronic music. Dazu Turnschuhe und ein paar freundliche Handpuppen, fertig. Wie viel kann ein KMU in den Nachwuchs investieren?

What connects the works of these individual artists is the specific use of light, as subject and material. Die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung ist gratis. Oranfe Informationen und Anmeldung unter www.