Series 1, 1, 2, 3, Go Number 3 has a mission to find out why 1 2 3 patterns have appeared all over the place. The Shape Japer makes half a load of trouble, and Four has to make things whole again. As soon as the problem is understood, Five imagines what else could go wrong if the problem wasn’t solved often wondering what would happen to the Dancing Cow, who never actually made any physical appearance in the real world. Series 1, Famous Fives Numbers 3 and 4 are in the gym using the buddy blocks as a staircase to jump up and down. The boy does so and 4 lands on it. Series 1, Nine Lives Numbers 3 and 4 discover that 0 has disappeared and is making things vanish into nothing.

Everything is empty thanks to the Puzzler – Three helps Five to fill things up again, until Three gets kidnapped by the Puzzler. The Numberjacks have a holiday at the beach, only to face troubles with all the five meanies! Lisiane Pont 4 months ago. Next he sees the the cleaner’s got a twin brother with two same mops. Series 1, 1, 2, 3, Go Number 3 has a mission to find out why 1 2 3 patterns have appeared all over the place. Wed 22 Apr Series 1, Famous Fives Numbers 3 and 4 are in the gym using the buddy blocks as a staircase to jump up and down.

The Numbertaker is halving the number of things — Four is out there at the double. Comedy adventure series, aimed at four liives five-year-olds, in which animated numbers solve mathematical problems in the real world, with input from real children Similar Content Browse content similar to Series 1.

Series 1, Almost Human The Problem Inne is making fours go wonky all over the place, and 4 gets slimed. Once outside, the Numberjacks are shown in a live-action setting although themselves still animated ; they diagnose their problems by examination, and with help from additional ideas from the agents, who call into the base.


Numberjacks / YMMV – TV Tropes

In this episode, three of the Meanies work together. The Shape Japer is splitting things into fractions, and Three is on the case. The male Numberjacks are even numbers and the female Numberjacks are odd numbers – however, One is voiced by a male actor Dylan Robertson, who also voices Zero.

Nicholas Liu 2 months ago. Number 4 discovers that the Shape Japer is responsible. The Problem Blob causes trouble, with Four getting slimed and having to be a human, and the man sitting on the table getting the behaviours of a Numberjack!

The launcher malfunctions and telports all the Numberjacks away – and they become the problem and not the answer! Volume 4 Early issues of this volume have 5 in the centre of the cover while later reissues have 4 instead.

Nine Lives

Series 1, Off Colour The numbertaker is making toys episodee. Spooky Spoon is mixing things up – Three gets ready to take her on.

Series 1, Seven Wonders The Agents call in when a boy’s toys have extra things appearing mysteriously. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Series 1, Stop and Go Agents call in to warn that things keep appearing and disappearing. Wed 29 Oct Series 1, 4 and a Bit The Shape Japer is causing trouble, but luckily 7 is on hand to help. Wed 26 Aug Browse content similar to Series 1.

The Numbertaker takes all the even numbers except the zeroes – Six and Eight fly out to put things right. Three, Four, Five, Six Meanie: Danielle Windrass 3 months ago.

Comedy adventure series in which animated numbers solve mathematical problems. Things aren’t being shared fairly, thanks to the Problem Blob – Six makes everything all right.


Numberjacks Season 1 Episode 13 Nine Lives

Number 6 takes on the mission. Wed 24 Jun Three cannot find a number 4 for Four to land on.

Series 1, Out of Order The Numberjacks are called on when things keep vanishing. A girl has trouble with her pencil case. If you would like to buy a copy of this DVD from Amazon please click the link below: Then he sees on the screen two pencils the same height.

Spooky Spoon makes sure things are well out of order – until Five sorts her out. This is the only episode where the Brain Gain machine was never used. The Numberjacks are animated characters the numbers 0 to 9 who live in an ordinary sofa and solve problems outside; each episode has the same structure.

Wed 21 Nov Three wants to be taller than Four. Five sorts out the Puzzler’s problems – and checks to make sure. The Numbertaker is taking all the 4s he can find – will Four escape his clutches? Its up to Zero to be the hero and resue all the numberjacks before its too late! This is Three’s first solo mission. Comments Comments TobyandMavisforever 2 weeks ago. Series 1, One Won The Numbertaker is removing groups of more than one.