She tells Naomi to stop spoiling her fun, and goes to greet Alan who has just arrived. In fact, maybe you haven’t changed at all. Dad, I know you and mum got married because you had to but Daniel and I love each other. And then I could’ve made an honest, informed choice about seeing you. Well, clearly you haven’t heard about their Blue Box. This way we can be out and proud.

I don’t want to be with any other woman except for you. Well you might think that but I think it’s a lot more than that for Josh. Later Final commercial break later and Chris tells Georgia to stay in the bar, he will be in soon after getting some air having send Josh home. Terese convinces Naomi to give the innocent Paul is gobsmacked, while Susan and Karl try to keep straight faces. No 28 Lou calls round to talk to Karl. Number 30 Terese decides to end the death stares and talk to Naomi. Sheree Murphy Alan Haywood:

And I don’t really wanna know all the details. She’s sort of, off in her own little world.

neigbhours Josh claims he hasn’t thought of Amber in ages. Dad, I know you and mum got married because you had to but Daniel and I love each other. Lou, let’s just say next time you go into someone’s bedroom, be careful what you take. Good character progression for Josh and Terese.

Look, I don’t know all the details.

Chris Pappas Chris Milligan He seems like he’d be completely unimaginative in that department. Matt then over – reacts when he overhears Brad telling Mark that he’s glad Imogen would never do something as stupid.

She stopped you from making a very, very big mistake. Toadie asks if he can still help set up the croquet later for Kyle’s bucks’ party later, and Josh agrees to meet back here once Toadie’s finished his work.


Episode #1.6976

Mark pulls Chris aside to ask him if he knows that Neighbourd has a history of violence – what he found out in the call he took.

But Sheila keeps waffling, saying how proud she is of Episde for not needing the validation of a man. Naomi is sitting on the edge talking to him, when Sheila comes out of the house. Sheree Murphy Alan Haywood: Bailey leaves Josh to it, and Josh texts Naomi, asking if she wants to hook up.


Kyle interrupts them elisode there is a problem with the entertainment but it was probably a good time as neither were willing to see the other’s perspective and prior to leaving, Nate re – affirmed his promise to Chris not to be physical again with him. Sonya Rebecchi Saskia Hampele Terese convinces Naomi to give the innocent hottie up before he gets hurt epsode again. I liked how Toadie decided to represent Josh, although he never normally takes much persuading.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: The opposite in fact. Maybe I could date someone who kicks with both feet, epiosde I cannot date a liar.

Full Cast and Crew. I wish I could remember that more clearly! I think that’s outrageously wrong! Search for ” Episode 1.

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Why, are you missing her? Some random guy comes up to offer Josh his assistance since Chris isn’t a bouncer. Written by KGF Vissers. The Waterhole Sheila is bossing the bar – staff extras around in a foul mood, when Paul comes in. I was screwing it in, and then I stubbed my toe. But Karl and a horrified Susan arrive in the nick of time, just before he’s about to open it! He invites Dakota to stay at the hotel free of charge as way of an apology.


Ooh it would seem that Dakota has another reason for coming to see Paul, other than the holiday she told him, judging by the call she’s having as she walks across the complex to the hotel.

Final commercial break later and Chris tells Georgia to stay in the bar, he will be in soon after getting some air having send Josh home.

Do you want to talk about this inside?! Lassiters Complex Josh definitely doesn’t appreciate being taken outside by Chris and yells at him to let go, he was only telling the truth. Naomi claims it’s just a couple of weeks, and that it’s just a bit of fun.

I’m an equal opportunist.

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By the look on his face, we’re left to surmise that what he’s hearing has come as a surprise. Daniel spontaneously announces he and Amber are next, shocking the Willis family, Josh even gets drunk despite his abysmal neughbours tolerance.

Oh, it suits you. Toadie comes in, asking if Josh is ready to set up the croquet lawn. This eposode you said you’d be in our debt for the rest of your life!

Brad quickly apologises and Mark intervenes to remind them whose night it is and that they shouldn’t ruin it. Agree with all the comments about Terese. Season 1 Episode