Jump up the ledges to where the two lights are. Survive stage 1 without dieing. Fruit block 1 – Break the computer tops on the right side of the stairs. Fly over all of the switches to make the piece appear. On the right side of the same room, do exactly the same thing the only difference is that it’s a Protocol droid panel. Wait for 10 of them to bunch up, and throw a thermal detonator to destroy 10 of them at once. Some of them are the same locations, but many are not. Step on the square switches to stop each image from rotating on the “blank” stud to get the brick.

Break the garbage can and build the bomb to get a piece in the little alcove. Then use the Bounty Hunter panel to make the piece appear. Fly over the switches around the large crater. Are the white canisters and the blue canisters in the same place? Jump up on the edge and fall off at the blue stud to land on a roof with the brick. Build the Legos then pull the wall switches to make a box fall off the conveyer belt which breaks revealing a buildable piece. At the start of the second area with the conveyer belt , jump up to the ledge to your left and use the travel chute to get a piece.

Behind the Naboo Starfighter. Jump up onto the platform then double jump to get the piece. The Complete Saga The guide is broken up by Episodes and Chapters with listings of the 10 Kits in as close to as I can the order you find the kits.

When you reach the crossroads with the E-Webgo to the right, and you’ll find this in one of the alcoves in the room. Score x10 – 5, Fruit block 3 – In the area right before you battle Vader, vhapter the bushes all the way to the right side of the lower level. Take out the troopers in this next room.


LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Red Brick and Mini-kit FAQ

Break the garbage can and build the bomb to get a piece in the little episoee. After assembling the pieces on the cart, hop onto it and up to the ledge for a Canister.

In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters glue your time limit of ten minutes runs out. Use the Bounty Hunter panel in the first hallway of Luke’s area to get a piece.

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Use the Force to move the canister in front of the rocks in the second area. In the same area use the Force on a canister, break it to reveal a cubby hole with a floor switch. In the second room inside the Temple, use the Force to pull out 3 platforms in the alcoves along the hallway.

You’ll have to U-turn to get to it. Sell your landspeeder to the Jawas. In the next area, use the Astromech droid panel and enter the room. In the first area climb up all the ledges minukits get a piece.

Use this to reach the piece that’s right above the platform. Pitstop -4. The kit will be behind the last pillar, one after the bounty hunter camera. Enter the little hallway and use the Astromech and Protocol droid panels to get this piece.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Break it to get the piece.

On the left side of this area, use a Thermal Detanator to blow up the box. At the start of Luke’s area, throw a Thermal Detonator at the grate next to the Astromech droid panel to get a piece.

High jump up to reach it.

Blast some rocks to reveal three switches, fly over the switches from first to third. Build the grapple point by the wall, grapple up twice then double jump or hover to the right. Fruit block 2 – Jump up on the raised area to chapte right and break the garbage can. Red brick – At the start of the second area there’s a Droid Control ship, fly over the eight switches on it to make the brick appear in the middle of the ship.


Ride both these up to the kit.

I found myself looking in places I’d never been before when searching for the White Kits. This lgeo uses cookies. Then shoot the two targets to reveal the piece. By the exit door, Force away the rubble to make a snowman, then push a block into the slot near the fan to get it going.

In the Pit of Karkoon part of the level, build the Legos on the second sand skiff and ride the fan up to a piece. Climb aboard to finish. Fruit block 3 – On the upper part of the sailbarge break the box and build the grapple point.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Red Brick and Mini-kit FAQ

From the previous Canister, go to the right and open the panel with an Astromech. You are commenting using your Facebook account. In the next area use the Bounty Hunter panel on the right side to get a piece.

As you cjapter the level, head to the left and use the Astromech panel.