In the circular chamber with the buttons that open the gate, destroy the statue to uncover a hidden button. Destroy it, grapple to the ledge, grapple to another ledge and jump down from that to a small plateau at the bottom 2: Head away from the screen from where you land and you’ll see the blue kit the area is behind the arches 7 Just past that one, they’ll be some small steps behind you with a rappel point. After using the Force to move aside the blocks covering it, double up there as Jar Jar to grab the canister. At the hangar, look for some crates before the force field, near the magnet that can attract robots. Dark Force move the steps and walk to the top 9:

Immediately on the left in the room after the window washing area 6: Before the slopes with the rolling boulders, use the Force on the plants to reveal a grappling point. What do you need help on? To the left of the rock, near the big hole 4: Destroy the discolored portion of the cliff walls facing over a pit to uncover the canister. At the end of this area use the force on the dark object and jump up. Force it into the wall, then have a high jumper jump off it to reach the canister.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blue Mini Kit Guide for Wii by Neutropia – GameFAQs

chapted At the end you will see the kit up on the ledge. At the bridge, check the right side of the back wall for the canister. After the first encounter with Maul and crossing the bridge, double jump as Jar Jar above the Naboo starfighter on the right side of the hangar to find the canister. In the middle, next to a Mini-Kit “holder” To the right of the first group of Disguised Clones 2: After destroying the group of two speeders, jump in an walker tank, move to chaptrr cliff with the Dark Force bushes and jump out onto the cliff 8: Head to the second ship going left to right past the turrets 2: Force it onto the wall, then use Jar Jar to high jump and reach the Canister.


In the room where Jango flees through a small passageway, look for the sets of circular panels.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Double jump as Jar Jar from the stack of pots to reach the canister high up in the air. After leaving the gated area, it is s raight ahead in between two signs 7: Take the first right to the opening and use a character with the Force to stack up the rocks.

Invasion of Naboo – LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough & Guide – GameFAQs

Use the Dark Side of the Force on both red switches to open the capsules, including the one that contains the canister. General Grievous Canister 1: At the cliffs, enter the vent as a kid to reach a lower ledge, where the lwgo is located.

At the top of the elevator, move west, to a silver barrier. To shut off the force fields, activate the astromech panel here. Head up and follow elisode ledge up and around to the left and it will be in front of the window. Force the engine on the ground near where the transport was, then high jump to reach the Canister.

To the left of the rear shielded rotating target At the start, head south and minikifs will be a small ledge 2: Step on both buttons to deactivate the field, so the canister can be reached. At the top of the cliff, behind the walker tank, to the left Chapter 5: You’ll have to U-turn to get to it.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough

Just before you start jumping across the big hole to the other side, jump to the top of the cliff on the left side and have R2-D2 open the gate. Use the Force on these blocks to create a portrait of Jango, which will open the case.

Follow these ledges, toward the right of the screen, over to the canister. Again stay right and walk along the narrow cliff 8: At the hangar, look for some crates before the force field, near the magnet that can attract robots. The canister lies on episodf high ledge above where Padme is held.


High jump on the Falcon, then jump on the second floor ledge and go all the way to the right Chapter 4: Jump to the fifth “finger” at the start of the next area 8: At the start, go west to a boost point.

Before moving to the next area, go left before reaching the force field to the TIE fighter gate 5: On the ledge to the north, farthest away from the sunken fighter 8: Dark Force move the barricade, to the left of the two R2-D2 access points for the hovering sentry droids hatch and enter the room and it will be in front of some holding tanks Chapter 3: You’ll see this one as you run to the rappel point.

Continuing to stay to the right, past the gap and follow the wall to the end 4: Before Yoda’s hut, there is a Dark Force object that has a Build-It for a raft, make the raft, and float to the other side. In the maintenance passageway before the bridge, use the Force on the last valve to blow up the pump, revealing the canister.

Then just head forward into the water to end the level. After grappling up, shoot the target switch to reveal as astromech panel. The canister is located on a high ledge above where Anakin is held. After destroying these, you can Force the logs from behind where they stood to find another Canister. Go all the way to the left and in between some rocks 7: