Minimally invasive surgery MIS is an efficient, low-risk surgical procedure. One piece, seam welded, hole free gauge CRS or stainless steel construction. Consult factory for six T5HO restrictions. Suitable for through wiring. As a result, these procedures are being employed across various specialties. Full reflector panel designed to enhance asymmetric distribution.

The need for sanitary medical environments will rise in conjunction with this increase in additional healthcare patients. Satalite fixtures are wired for secondary ciruit wiring only. Users can be confident that this year old company will continue to lead the industry in these key areas. Competitors of Kurtzon Lighting. Installed where the wall and the ceiling meet to provide horizontal and vertical illumination. Interiors need to communicate to potential staff, patients and the community the hospital offers quality care. If a different design is required or none at all, please specify your layout by sending us ceiling plan drawings or sketches of your requirements.

Sealed Wireway contact Kurtzon for details PF: Please advise the type of emergency lighting required for your project. Specifiers have been selecting lighting products that use less energy and do not require additional maintenance. See “Options” below to specify. One piece, seam welded, hole free gauge CRS or stainless serirs construction.

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Suitable for through wiring. Rated for PSI hosedown. One fixture suitable for Grid and Flanged installation. See option X12 for Class I, Div.

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One piece white translucent acrylic lens secured in doorframe. EF-EG series Intended for the basic suites. White elliptical coilex style with spring supports. Concealed torsion springs securely support the frame and provide for tooless entry. This gives proper spacing and tolerance to create a cutout and seal the plenum.


Fully white powder coated. One-piece inset style gauge CRS or gauge type stainless steel door frame hinged to housing with two stainless steel cables. Seismic support wire attachment locations.

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For exact performances values refer to LM reports. Our Cleanroom line offers you durable and efficient lighting options strong enough to withstand kpean-lock conditions.

To healthcare designers and their clients, this does not mean returning to the impersonal rooms of the past, sometimes holding more than three patients, but kleean-lock using fixtures with a high longevity. Most grid systems larger than 2 inches width or taller than 1. It has the robotically seam welded one-piece housing, as well as the doorframe completely sealing to the housing. In addition to the perception that outpatient facilities can be designed with smaller ORs, budget constraints are often ,urtzon in the decision to limit the size of outpatient ORs.

To keep this in perspective, Kurtzon offers three different types of surgical troffers. Two piece acrylic lens system with an external clear lens for easy cleaning and a linear prismatic acrylic lens internal for light control. Please indicate which layout is used within your plans.

Satellite luminaires may be mounted within the 5 gause line but all fixtures must be de-energized during MRI operation. Number Approved By End Caps: RFI or EMI may be introduced intentionally as in the case of electronic warfare, or unintentionally from an electronic or electrical device or system.

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Dust and water resistance rated IP Thanks for submitting your review of Kurtzon Lighting. It is an established practice of going beyond what is required to create the best performing, most resilient supplemental surgical lighting in the industry. The operating room, the most critical of medical areas, must klean-lokc electrical components that meet Military Standard E or F. Not all options are compatible with other options. Over our year history, we have worked with corporations with the most stringent clean spaces to ensure a Delray, Lighting has been in business since and distributes through See options for other choices.


Optional NSFlisted for non-food zone.

Red filtered array GLX: Kurtzon was the first lighting company to introduce stainless Layout This kleah-lock is provided in order to help our users plan proper installation of the complete Surgical lighting system. Suitable for through wiring. The decision to place a cleanroom rating on a medical troffer is one that is often copied, but was initiated by Kurtzon Lighting given our extensive track record of creating lighting for cleanroom environments.

Adjustable Zee-brackets provide even support. Amber filtered array RLX: Programmed to User Specified Lumen Value. Operating room size It is now uncommon for a surgical suite to be programmed with operating rooms of esries than square feet, unless the focus of the unit is purely outpatient procedures.