He has numerous scars and wears an eyepatch over his left eye. There, she speaks very little and is given to sleeping, or walking, on the rafters of the building. Both Kenichi and Boris believe that she might secretly be Master Class because of her ability to sneak up on Boris and to peacefully sleep during Russian troops’ attack on a campsite. Miu knocks the knife out of Takashi’s hand with Kenichi’s belt. Shows interest in Freya in the nude. Recently, she seems to be aiding Kenichi and his friends by helping Ukita during a battle. Having accepted that he will never be able to ‘analyze’ Kenichi, the two decide to let their final attack speak for them. He is called “the immortal composer” because he composes music, using his battles as inspiration for his melodies.

However, Kenichi helps save his sister Rachel from Jenazad, to which Ethan thanks him and, after Kenichi brings his classmates to see him off to prove his friendships with them was real, Ethan, for the first time, smiles happily and shakes Kenichi’s hand. Boris is Alexander’s leading disciple. He attempts to convey his plans to others through a blunt manner of speech. He is soon defeated and sent to Big Lock. In the end, Kenichi managed to catch Tirawit by surprise using Apachai’s most basic techniques in full force and defeats him. Hayato is also shown to be pragmatic with his approach to martial arts, as when he asks Kensei Ma to help with Miu’s training [10] and encourages Miu to use what [a rival teacher] Junazard taught her. He has numerous scars and wears an eyepatch over his left eye.

A former champion boxer nicknamed “The God of Destruction”, James lost his right leg and eye in a fight with Miu’s father.

She dresses in military fashion and is never seen without her night-vision goggles. Additionally he has mastered calligraphypainting, pottery, and sculpting, and builds discople as both training devices for Kenichi and power sources for the dojo, including a treadmill generator. Tsukuba is an upperclassman at Kenichi’s school and a black belt in the karate club. Eventually Kenichi and Tirawit simultaneously land debilitating kicks on each other.


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As a running gag, he is somewhat incapable of holding back during training. She is able to perceive martial techniques at a level unusual for non-Master-class martial artists. When Sakaki came to disapprove of their methods, Christopher and Mycroft attempted to ambush him, and Mughtiest buried them alive in a desert.

Katsumi Toriumi Japanese ; Z. Chikage is a child prodigy and is currently a first year student at Kenichi’s school, as well as being Mikumo’s disciple and adopted daughter.

As a sign of his defeat, he gives Kenichi his Yin-Yang badge back. In order to save their teacher, Boris and Kenichi briefly fight together against the troops, resuming their battle once she is safe. He also has scruffy facial hair, giving him kenixhi look of a thug and a passing resemblance to Akisame. There, he met an old friend of his from the noodle shop whom rescued Tidat in the past.

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Episode 45 English Dubbed

They witnessed Miu’s martial arts skills when they were six years old, prompting them to make a vow to become stronger. She remained there until the old man died, after which Akisame took her to Ryozanpaku. He is defeated by Kenichi after a brutal fight in which Kenichi finally ascended to master class. Kazuki Yao Japanese ; J.

The First Fist, Odin, has the backing of Isshinsai Ogata, who gives him special training not available to the other Fists. His current whereabouts are unknown. Suspected of being a spy for the Shinpaku Alliance, she is attacked by the Valkyries, Freya’s female subordinates.

Kajima has developed an interest in Kenichi and would like to fight him. Niijima manages to rescue Kamioka and subsequently trains him in information gathering and hacking.

When Akisame refused, the man forced him into a fight, which Akisame won; whereupon Shigure’s father stated that he wanted his daughter to see the fate of a weapons’-maker, and took his own life.

Mizunuma joins the Shinpaku Alliance after Kenichi saves him from bullies. When he escapes, the two agree there fight end kkenichi a draw. Because he is double jointed, he can attack people behind him as easily as if they were in front. He is the first of the One Shadow, Nine Fists to be defeated.


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The remaining six members with the exception of Ogata then go their separate ways as practitioners of Katsujin Ken from then on. She possessed some skills in taekwondo revealed in chapter and according to James Shiba, Kenichi recommended her as one of “the one who has”.

She is prone to rash decisions in mgihtiest. Jihan rejected Kenichi’s offer to help him escape and was buried alive.

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They defeat him with some assistance from Takeda. Apparently the smartest and strongest of the team, he fights Kisara but is defeated when Kisara discovers a new fighting style that imitates the movements of a cat. He later fights Ogata to avenge the loss of his family, but ultimately is defeated and killed by the Yami master, but not before telling Kenichi to never become like him lest he share the same fate. After he is defeated by Kenichi, he honors Kenichi’s condition for the match, that he quit Ragnarok.

He also obsesses over his guns, naming them and obsessively cleaning them. In chapterhe and Ukita fail to graduate.

Both Kenichi and Boris believe that she might secretly be Master Class eenglish of her engljsh to sneak up on Boris and to peacefully sleep during Russian troops’ attack on a campsite. He is later shown to still attend school and maintain the appearance of a kind honor student in the presence of others.

He is well known for disposing episodr his disciples if they are not to epixode liking.