Begging for mercy, Hayami suddenly assumes his Horoscopes form as his Supernova power manifests and he sees the Sagittarius constellation surrounding Gamou. By then, Gentaro reveals Jiro’s state of being to Ryusei’s dismay just as they meet Yamada. Covering his true intents, Ryusei asks to join the Kamen Rider Club. Miura breaks down as he reveals that he is suffering from Zodiarts Switch withdrawal as he walks off with Kamen Rider Fourze stunned as to how he can help him, now. After using the Parachute Switch to get a soft landing, Fourze switches off the Zodiarts Switch, causing it to disappear, and gains Miura’s friendship. Ohsugi refuses to keep quiet about what he has learned as the Kamen Rider Club are forced to restrain him. Seeing the Lynx Zodiarts destroyed, and ignoring all protocol, Ryusei punches Gentaro in the face in a fit of rage before realizing what he has just done.

Though the Virgo Zodiarts has the upper hand has against Kamen Rider Fourze Magnet States with the Launcher and Gatling Modules, the Horoscopes is unnerved as Kamen Rider Fourze points that he is not like the others and refuses to accept that he is sad, despite seeing power being greater than friendship. Sonoda’s face, the Libra Zodiarts spirits her away. Later, Gentaro is accused by Mr. She then finds that the Aries Zodiarts is to blame as the others arrive to her aid. Later, Ryusei manages to persuade Kengo to reconsider apologizing to Gentaro by comparing the two of them to magnets in regard to their intentions of helping each other. Kisaragi Gentarou as Kamen Rider Fourze He looks so cool but the truth is this person always bring problems especially to his friend Kengo..

They head to English class where Yamada intimidates the English teacher Ms. Admitting that he has no intention to keep his word, the Cancer Zodiarts attacks Ryusei before the youth points out that he allowed himself to be beaten up so the Horoscopes can laugh at his misery, tricking him into having the Kamen Rider Club members’ life force return to their bodies.

But while talking to her on the Moon as Kamen Rider Fourze, Yuki explains that she can not tell him about what happened in the second trial. The football team runs for it as Gentaro fights the monster, but he is seemingly knocked episose. Tracking down Kengo, Gentaro arrives at the cafeteria where he meets JK while making enemies out of the head cheerleader Miu Kazashiro and her boyfriend Shun Daimonji, the captain of the American football team.

As Kamen Rider Fourze takes the fight with the mysterious Zodiarts foudze, Kengo arrives to tell JK to keep his mouth shut about what he has just seen. The Hound Zodiarts takes advantage of the situation, firing an energy blast at the pair and causing an explosion. Satake tells them that if they keep this up, they will be spending every Sunday with him, even after Shun reveals he is supposed to play in a game next week. Shun retorts that he should be allowed to become friends with anyone he pleases, and follows Gentaro who has transformed into Kamen Rider Fourze to take on the monster.


After packing up her things from the Rabbit Hatch, Miu stands on the moon before Gentaro transformed into Kamen Rider Fourze finds her, as she reveals what prom means to her. Gentaro tries to cheer her up hdnshin, but Miu puts her down as she takes the stage with her sidekicks to a cheering audience, all the while a video compilation plays. But Kamen Rider Meteor demands it to halt for answers for her agenda, only to be assured that it is not on the Kamen Rider Club’s side as it teleports away.

The two Zodiarts overpower Kamen Rider Fourze until the Powerdizer arrives and drives the monsters off. Kamen Rider Meteor with hia beloved Jupiter.

With Ryusei watching every movement he and his friends make, Gentaro searches for clues before meeting Kengo’s rival Kimio Nonomura. Yuki considers to add new members to deal with Mr. As Gentaro and Kengo watch the ritual, Ritsuko fouurze that they are interrupting the circle. Kisaragi Gentarou as Kamen Rider Fourze. As everyone reconciles, Tomoko pressures Yuki to reveal why she was punished with the Sunday class, as everyone else’s reasons have been revealed.

Though the Virgo Zodiarts states that he sees things his way now, Kamen Rider Fourze explains that he can use Cosmic States as long he has faith in his friendship with the rest of the Kamen Rider Club, just as they arrive with renewed courage.

After Gentaro and JK sign contacts to make the challenge official, Sugiura beats the former in a break dance battle and then the latter in double dutch. Utsugi to use her kicks on him to test his theory. Soon after, Kengo’s focus is altered to a Zodiarts attack.

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However, when he makes his way to hensihn kindergarten, he hears the children enjoying the “Hayabusa-Kun” performance and also sees a series of drawings the children made to emulate his drawing from the previous year. He joins the fray, taking the two Zodiarts off of Kamen Rider Fourze, as they do Gentaro’s special handshake. Kengo tells them to go find it so he can restore the connection between the Earth flurze the Moon.

The next day, as Mr. Kengo has a worst body condition and cannot withstand and use too much energy when fighting with Zodiart. But when Kengo’s health problems take effect, the Aquarius Zodiarts appears from out of nowhere and uses her waters on Kengo. Finding himself unable to hit her to his shock, Meteor is put in a bind before Fourze arrives and is mortified to find Cycnus to be a sham.

Giving the Libra Switch to Kengo, Hayami admits he was caught in Gamou’s splendor until he realized the pain caused by his actions and now wants to redeem himself. As the adults take their leave, Kengo and Ryusei find the altar already destroyed.

Now, I’m becoming a die hard fan of Kamen Rider Fourze. While the others agree, Gentaro refuses as he points out that Ryusei is hiding something from him and he can not accept him just yet. Ohsugi for bumping into Ran. Elsewhere, Yuki looks at the school’s “space club” fsver to discover that it is a river club forced into acting they are ka,en in space, but they all suddenly collapse for before spilling the beans.


Ryusei are not allowed to exposed and revealed about his identity to anyone or else he will not be able to transform into Kamen Rider Meteor again. As Gentaro sees Miu, Shun, JK, and Yuki, to see if they are happy, Kengo has trouble trying to modify the Cosmic Switch to work without friends before being shocked when Gentaro intends to meet to with Tachibana to finish the training from before.

Ninninger 47th/Final Episode Clip: Final Transformation & Roll Call – Orends: Range (Temp)

After accepting Gentaro’s friendship, Emoto is mortally wounded by eoisode sudden appearance of the Sagittarius Zodiarts. Kamen Rider Fourze Episode Eventually, the Kamen Rider Club members fall for pranks committed by what appears to be Yuki.

The Dragon Zodiarts is forced to fall back to escape the magnets, but not before having two trucks get caught in the magnetic pull to kill Kamen Rider Fourze. Mituaki Gamou then has the Virgo Zodiarts banish Ms.

Soon after, Ryusei opens the book Mei gave him and finds a warning from her to get out of Courze High while he still can.

Back at the Rabbit Hatch, Kengo kwmen to feel that Miu is not pulling her weight in the club, but she says that as the leader she is to support the others. But since she met Ritsuko, Tomoko finally feels like she can fit in and achieve her dream of going to the moon. Thanking him, Tomoko learns that even though his friend Rokuro Utahoshi died on the moon, he is still collecting moon related items.

Sonoda watch from afar, with the former explaining that the goal for them, along with the Virgo Zodiarts and the Leo Zodiarts, is to select eight ideal students to evolve beyond the Last One Stage so they can complete the Horoscopes’ membership.

Kamen Rider Build Episode 47 Preview – Orends: Range (Temp)

Feeling something is off about the Lunar Witches, Gentaro asks Yuki to join the group so he can learn more about them, since Tomoko invited her to join. With the Dusterds kidnapping Miura, the Scorpion Zodiarts takes her leave to finish her mission. Gentaro finds Miura just as he is about to kill Shun, revealing that he is tired of being the football team’s lackey and wants to play in a game. Suddenly, the Scorpion Zodiarts appears and gives her a Henshinn Switch so she can have actual power.


After learning that Ryusei’s school is in trouble, Gentaro has Mr. Satake that he will help his son, and gives chase with Shun.