As she says an emotional goodbye to Phoebe, she has a chat with John Paul and leaves the bag at the stairs for the family to find. Gilly left the village and did not go to the police. Horrified when they find out, they kiss. Ashton and Mossley Huge fire at industrial unit near Ashton town centre A large plume of smoke was seen over the town after blaze broke out on the edge of the town centre. Jacqui meets homeless teenager Phoebe Jackson Mandip Gill and invites her to move into her flat. They aren’t shown what happens next, but Jacqui later accuses Gilly of rape. The storyline subsequently resulted in Gilly being found not guilty. Jacqui decides to make something of herself, not wanting to waste her life and is reunited with Tony and Davey returns with the favour.

Carmel is shocked to discover Alek is leaving, leaving Carmel devastated. Rhys will find love”. Jacqui drags Cindy from Hospital to Rhys’ grave and warns her to stay away. When Danny exposes her, he threatens her with Rhys’ life, stating if she does not sleep with him, he will kill Rhys. It will split the village and the viewers. She starts a relationship with Des Townsend Kris Deedigan but confesses her love to Tony days before his wedding, Tony rejects her. Chorlton Pieminister is opening a new Manchester restaurant inside a Chorlton craft beer bar It’s taking over the kitchen at The Library Bar. Jacqui and Tony finally get back together at Chez Chez’s fancy dress party.

Barrister uses his expertise to advise on Hollyoaks’ storyline – Manchester Evening News

And soap, with its large audiences, can hollyoakz a holyoaks in raising awareness of issues. Consequently, for Des, Jacqui declines his proposal and he leaves the village after being arrested alongside his sister Rose. I even read his scripts to try to work it out. The outcome will be a surprise for both of us. Her character currently lives in Spain. Retrieved 19 November Russ becomes angry with Jacqui for trying to stop him from seeing Max. She gets a job working in The Dog.

Facebook Married dad-of-five lost wife, family and liberty after trying to meet a ‘year-old girl for cigarettes, beer and sex’ This video shows the moment Nigel Ryan was confronted – officers found he had two condoms, story,ine mobile phones and two cans of lager.


Cooper defends Jacqui’s actions stating that she is a “bright girl” and adding “She doesn’t want to sleep with him and also she knows he’s not going to drop Rhys in front of so many people. Jacqui’s later storylines involved her relationship with Des Townsend Kris Deedigancovering up Calvin Valentine ‘s Ricky Whittle murder, being blackmailed and held at knife point for sex and a “surprise relationship” with Rhys Ashworth Andrew Moss which also become very popular with audiences.

Russ later runs off with Max abroad.

Barrister uses his expertise to advise on Hollyoaks’ storyline

Rhys will find love”. She’s got morals and this isn’t good enough. Jacqui and Rhys were given the biggest storyline in spring in the serial, of this Marquess stated: The storyline doesn’t focus on rape by a stranger but instead involves two long-established characters — Jacqui and Gilly a man.

She allows Sinead to keep the baby’s paternity a secret when Bart proposes to her. On 26 AprilMercedes goes to find Jacqui in Alicante where the two had visited when they were younger. An intoxicated Tony and Mercedes betray Jacqui by sleeping together.

That changes the situation – the dynamic changes immediately.

Jacqui and Rhys finally consummate their marriage. Rhys tells Jacqui that he believes her and they agree to get married. Paul has really taken me under his wing, he’s worked me so hard and he’s given me opportunities that I could only have dreamt of. Mercedes finds Jacqui working as a barmaid. A disgusted Jacqui attacks Cindy with a Santa statue, Cindy recovers in hospital and is persuaded by Tony to keep quiet about attack and say she slipped on the ice.

In DecemberChannel 4 released a press statement which revealed Jacqui and Gilly Roach Anthony Quinlan would drunkenly cheat on Rhys together, after she finds out Rhys has slept with Cheryl Brady Bronagh Waugh and that the night’s events would “change their lives forever”.

Hollyoaks characters Fictional bartenders Fictional beauticians Fictional characters introduced in McQueen family Ashworth family Fictional criminals on soap operas Fictional sexual assault victims Fictional victims of kidnapping. He decided to split Jacqui away from the rest of the McQueens, his reason for which being that there was so much “talent” in terms of acting within the family, he felt Cooper or Jacqui didn’t need that “support system”.

Jacqui drags Cindy from Hospital to Rhys’ grave and warns her to stay away.


Retrieved 27 September One of her most prominent early plots involved her desire to have her own child after a miscarriage left her unable to, this resulted in failed adoption, various surrogate mother stories involving her family and eventually led to the breakdown of her relationship with Tony. Mercedes tells Jacqui she is having an affair with Calvin. Facebook Married dad-of-five lost wife, family and liberty after trying to meet a ‘year-old girl for cigarettes, beer and sex’.

She starts storyliine relationship with Des Townsend Kris Deedigan but confesses her love to Tony days before his wedding, Tony rejects her. Asda Love it or hate it?

Jacqui confronts Mercedes and Tony, only to learn that the baby Mercedes aborted, was in fact Tony’s.

Hollyoaks tackles rape with viewers jury

Lists of characters By year: Jacqui and Des’ relationship is strained by Jacqui’s naked pictures leaking, her lies and stealing from the school canteen. Subscribe to our Business newsletter Enter email Subscribe.

Inside Soap Awards Nominees”. Jacqui cannot readjust to life in the village. Jacqui becomes suspicious that Cindy was having an affair with Rhys.

Cooper has stated that whilst Lucy Allan produced the serial she was not used and Jacqui had “lost her identity”. In Jacqui made a rape accusation against Gilly Roach Anthony Quinlanjacqiu Gilly is guilty or innocent was decided by a jury composed of viewers. Jacqui admits she married Alek to pay off her debt to Davey and is seeing Tony.

Archived from the hillyoaks on 27 January Jacqui has been portrayed as a “tough ex-con” and is extremely feisty, she often takes on the matriarch role within the McQueens.

Andy Burnham MP It’s still too soon to back a second referendum, says Andy Burnham As Labour comes out in favour of a people’s vote, Greater Manchester’s mayor says that should be a ‘very very last resort’ – arguing that point has not been reached. It’s funny and comedic at times, but then it can get deadly serious. Jacqui fails to resist Tony again and they hollyoake their on-off relationship.