If doing this, I’d do a two-pass encode. I really appreciate your responses! But this is Avatar. You can check the privacy policy for more details. I have a pretty fast processor, so the lenght of time for the encoding is pretty much not an issue Regardless, going with the highest profile your device s support is usually the safe way to go. Right now, I do not. The file is less than half the size of the P version but still a hefty 6G.

Under the old encoding it was about 45 min to an hour for a standard movie. If you have the same DVD and are looking to reproduce this test, the following settings were used:. After wrapping my head around what you just told here’s what I understood:: This is trickier to handle with a CFR constant frame rate … if the deteleciner works perfectly you could set a constant of 24fps. Free download VideoProc to have a try and you’ll find many wonderful features and functionalities. It’s probably not much different than streaming a TV show from Amazon Prime.

But since SD videos have fewer pixels, then each pixel must be more detailed. Definitely best for everybody to save some time and read the manual. I might go back to using average bitrate. I valuue a rip of “Clockwork Orange” blu-ray and reduced the file from P to P. When I played around with handbrake, I was surprised in how little Handbrae could tell the difference with a ” screen when I was standing right in front of it.

Advanced users can also adjust quality to their desired level and set bit rate and other parameters based on their own needs. I’ve been syncing for about a month now and still have More to go but I’ll feel relieved to know all of my videos are pretty safe up there.


Handbrake: How do people calculate RF values? – Off-Topic – Giant Bomb

Possibly the biggest caveat for you is my primary usage of Handbrake is for rendering videos, not ripping. If you use good enough settings that loss will not be noticeable under hnadbrake viewing conditions.

Are are screen captures. The latter two are perhaps 3x? Macindows Macindows 80 1 9. An easy way to see an extreme example of this is to encode a 30 second DVD clip at RF18 which would normally look goodbut use something like main profile level rat. Donny, if you just tell them where to stand, they may be able to give you the feedback. Matth July 3, Devvrat Shukla October 21, Before RF, video encoders would apply a single QP across the entire video, so a scene with a lot of diversity of visual forms would have the same hqndbrake applied as a simple scene.

How is this possible? This is trickier to handle with a CFR constant frame rate … if the deteleciner works perfectly you could set a constant of 24fps. But this is Avatar. If I do a 0 it takes exactly the same space. Jeremy June 30, That causes it to balloon up in size about 20 fold. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I agree that it’s too subjective. I respectfully disagree but will let it be. RF 19 – 23 is a suggested range. All times are GMT I would get better quality, lower size, and less aggravation.

Also, how much have I ruined my film collection by using average bitrate MB instead of the slider and using Main profile 4. If anyone knows how we can get Yify type results out of handbrake, I am all ears. I even admitted that it didn’t have to do with HB settings but was an alternative to consider. I’m saying that your original Blu-ray proably has a bitrate similar that which RF 12 will produce it will vary with different sources.


From what I read, I need to understand a bit more about the filter settings – particularly denoising.

For the best viewing experience please hanrbrake your browser to Google Chrome. I just checked a test rip I did a few years ago, and those va,ue have a bitrate of about kbps, although this was for a DVD, so the quality I got is probably not too far off from the original. Click the picture to make it larger. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. I followed the instructions of a blogger called Lifehacker. Please Log In to post. In the comparison shot, it is obvious which is which because the file name includes P.

Is it just that with HD it can drop a bit more and still be playable quality because of the added information and amount of data?

Comparing x264 “RF” settings in Handbrake (examples)

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If you only have a few files to convert, I get it.

High Profile x Preset: