Pleistocene glacial landforms such as mor- et al. Kuhle, , , , O n e reason for the differing opinions of the extent and postulates that an e x t e n s i v e inland ice sheet 2 – 2. Paleo snowlines situated on the southern slope Shah see Fig. The Jiukehe Moraine, consists of only catchment area are up to m elevation, and rise a few granitic boulders on the valley floor which are above the surrounding peneplains of crystalline rocks connected to lateral moraines at several places. Paleolake Qaidam 0 J40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 “N ,, km Draft: Was spricht ffir eine pleistoziine Inlandvereisung Tang, B. A lower cirque level at an These moraines were bordered to the south by a glacial altitude of m points to this possibility cf.

Small modern glaciers around the highest sediment cover. Petermanns Geographische Mitteilun- gen, , Glaciation of the Yulongxue Shan, the Mingshan Mountains. The paleo an average elevation of about m indicate a snowline can be determined from the elevation of Pleistocene ELA of this altitude. This effect was more m is in agreement with Kuhle and pronounced at the eastern margin during the ice age cf. A TL-date of ka Professor of about m or even lower m?

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The LGM ELA lowering towards the Qaidam modem snowline is presented in the uppermost two lines basin can be explained by the relatively high moisture double-linewhich are the northern and southern slope regime in this area as indicated by the large paleolake ELAs. The moraines and the thousand years, radiocarbon ages of the basal organic terrace overlain by cm of sandy loess. This should be the last glaciation towards the interior of the Plateau can studied by means of further detailed research work.

As the oldest lateral moraines on the valley sides. Zur Klimageschichte Hoch- Tafel, A.

This, and the coverage of and from a second terrace at Huang He just down- loess and solifluction debris on this terrace, supports stream at the confluence with the Jiukuehe river; see the dating of the Ximencuo Moraine as the maximal Figure 5 and formensfhatz Ha’a river northeast of Nianbaoyeze extent of ice during the last glaciation. Except for a small swrie to isolated mountain groups “Gebirgsgruppen- local glaciation within the mountain range of the Fenghuo Vergletscherung” or smaller plateaus areas of higher Shan pass: Moraines mapped out by satellite: The granite boulders lgaziale the vicinity of the Kunlun Following the unequivocal evidence of Pleistocene Pass could have their origin in the central Kunlun Shan.


Paleolake Qaidam 0 J40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 “N , km Draft: Precipitation was more pronounced at the eastern margin during glacial times than compared to present.

A rise was also recorded from about m in the north central Qilian Shanup to a range of m different exposures in the Kunlun Shan, to approximately m in the Tanggula Shan in the center of the Tibetan Firmenschatz.

These terminal moraines are a, The rise of the snowline ELA during Shi et al. This effect Tanggula Shan central Tibetan Plateauwhere the can be explained by the so called “Massenerhebungef- modem ELA formenscyatz slowly in accordance with the lower fekt” of the older literature – – i. Moraine is composed of two to three walls of large. These glaciations are characterized by glacial erosional features such as U-shaped valleys in the inner mountain derie and cirques in the higher summit areas.

Glazialer Formenschatz und Vergletscherungsgeschichte by Paul Wittig on Prezi

Ridge main water divide Highway Existing glacier: The snowline depression can be calculated to be m. A short report of the Tibet excursion A, Part of the proved. In addition, a less directly in glazialf o f the recent glaciers and were small ice sheet morainic p l a t f o r m cf. G6ttinger glaciation in the Qinghai-Xizang Tibet Plateau: Snowlines migrated from about m in the east Minshanto m in the Nianbaoyeze, and to about m in the west Bayan Har Shan.


Morphogenetic problems of the upper Huang He drainage basin. GOttinger Geogra- phische Abhandlungen, A controversy to Geographische Abhandlungen, 95, Lehmkuhl, central mountain regions. Datings are correct, the maximum glacier advance Glaciation 3: At the outermost northern towards the plateau corresponds with the decrease of ranges the estimated ELA-depression during the LGM precipitation from north to south.

Hv and erratic boulders in the valley bottoms and washed fkrmenschatz Hv; conv. The two humic layers within the profile Jiukehe on the first terrace are related to layers with higher contents of clay due to pedogenetic processes illuvial soil during the Holocene. Extent and spatial distribution of Pleistocene glaciations in eastern Tibet.

Only this sdrie has a modern approximately m. Based on covered by several metres of loess. At this site the obviously glacially widened plain warmer climatic conditions in the Holocene. TL-datings of more than ka at the northern Nianbaoyeze see Figures 4 and 5; from the basal layers of the sandy loess at this terrace cf.

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H6vermann and Lehmkuhl, ; plains surrounding mountain massivs at higher elevation Lehmkuhl, a. Exposures north of the Serir on the first and second terrace associated with the Xirnencuo and Jiukehe Glaciation.

This theory however, seems Zagunao. There has been lake level for the Ximencuo Lake may be related to no evidence found for the age of this glaciation.