Bagradian steps forward to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the villages and looks to the natural defenses of Musa Dagh and its environs. Despite the rumors of arrests and deportations, trickling in from Istanbul and other Ottoman cities, many of Musa Dagh’s Armenians remain unconcerned about the outside world. The novel focuses on the self-defense by a small community of Armenians living near Musa Dagh , a mountain in Hatay Province in the Ottoman Empire —now part of southern Turkey , on the Mediterranean coast—as well the events in Istanbul and provincial capitals, where the Young Turk government orchestrated the deportations, concentration camps and massacres of the empire’s Armenian citizens. Unlike Bagradian, however, he survived the siege and moved to Beirut, Lebanon several years after the war ended and lived there for the next 70 years, becoming a doctor and serving in Lebanon’s government for several decades as a quiet and shy member of Parliament. Audible Download Audio Books. The standoff with MGM revealed that Turkey would pressure foreign governments to go along with its policy of denial.

WW1 World war one The Great war. Jews the world over welcomed The Forty Days of Musa Dagh and readily saw the parallels Werfel himself Jewish had drawn between them and the Armenians, especially the resentment and persecution both societies endured in the nineteenth century, when each benefited and suffered from governmental liberalization policies and the economic success that such policies engendered along with the Industrial Revolution. No ships have been sighted and attempts to contact the Allies or to seek the diplomatic intercession of the United States, still a neutral power, or Turkey’s ally, Imperial Germany, come to naught. Unlike most other important novels, Musa Dagh is richest in story, a story of men accepting the fate of heroes This is evident as the novel opens in the spring of , during the second year of the World War I. Nation and State in Eastern Anatolia, The standoff with MGM revealed that Turkey would pressure foreign governments to go along with its policy of denial.


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He thinks about his return to mussa the affairs of his dead older brother and entertains pleasant reveries of his childhood, as well as more serious matters. The Turks withdraw and the Armenians are rescued. This book was conceived in March of the year [sic], during the course of a stay in Damascus.

He and the other boys seize two field guns, a feat that forces the Turks to withdraw. Already have an account? When the car suffers two loud tire punctures, Lepsius at first thinks they have been assassinated which foreshadows the real deaths of Talaat and Djemal Pasha by Armenian assassins.

Those ships that took part are daghh named, and included the French protected cruiser Guichen and the armored cruiser Jeanne D’Arcas well as others under the command of Vice-Admiral Louis Dartige du Fournetwho received a posthumous medal from the French government in October for his role in transporting the 4, people left on the Damlayik to Port SaidEgypt.

Juliette apprehends the growing estrangement of her husband and son, seeking purpose and solace in nursing the Armenian wounded and in her friendship with Gonzague Maris, which develops into a passionate affair. David Opatoshu as Henry Morgenthau, Sr.

Set during the last days of the Ottoman Empire, The Promise follows a love triangle between Michael, a brilliant medical student, the beautiful and sophisticated Ana, and Chris – a renowned American journalist based in Paris.

Armenian guerrilla troops fight against the Turkish forces on the mountain of Musa Dagh. Images Franz Werfel We will have to take our own steps in case the Jewish people fail to bring the Jewish company MGM to reason.

After a week-long siege, they were saved by the Entente via sea. Too sick to continue on the mission to Antioch, Stephan is returned to Yoghonoluk, which has been resettled by Muslim refugees, forgy war zones of the Ottoman Empire. Once read, it will never be forgotten.


It had diverted course after its watch spotted the burning of the Armenian camp on Musa Dagh. Many settled in Anjar in Lebanon, others moved to the present-day Republic mjsa Armenia.

The camp, filled with smoke from the forest fires, inspires a vision in him that anticipates the Holocaust and the death camps of World War II. Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth.

The Forty Days of Musa Dagh

He had served as an artillery officer in the Balkan Warhad been involved in the progressive wing of Turkish politics and had been a vocal Armenian supporter of the CUP and the Young Turk Revolution of Werfel’s novel still takes a special position among literary treatments of genocide in general, as reflected in the reception of works by Edgar Hilsenrath, Jochen Mangelsen and Peter Balakian.

The episode ends with Lepsius witnessing Enver and Talaat being driven past in a limousine. Selected Bibliography Bloxham, Donald: InDavid R. La Passion de la Cilicie Werfel has made it a noble novel.

Auction of Souls Franz Fklm did not lead a quiet, stable life. Bagradian recovers from his grief, to form guerrilla bands to disrupt the Ottoman advance and buy more time. He wants to be an authentic Armenian, like his rival Haik and other boys. Mazda Publishers,pp. Juliette Bagradian Guy Stockwell We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

Stephan reconnects with his Armenian roots but the difficulty he experiences because of his Westernized childhood, makes the novel a coming-of-age story, as well as a classic tale of love and war on the scale of Leo Tolstoy ‘s War and Peace.