Brousseau is throwing a gala for the company; if Claire can impress him so many men to impress , Paul gets the money he needs. I may be challenged to explain this later. Don’t let me forget I’m gonna need some cash for later, okay, chica? Need some help up? I’d kill myself in those. Your feet are your trade. This is all my stuff.

She’s not afraid to be an out-loud bitch. Watch these people tear each other down — and tear themselves down — for just a few minutes on that stage. Go ahead and ask Mr. They left you a message. Let me see the adagio. In which case I will be Disappointed. You wanna hang here or you wanna go out front and watch?

Ballet is the ultimate optical illusion. And if we make the right choices, we will rise with her.

Yes, a different one. Don’t let me forget I’m flwsh need some cash for later, okay, chica? If I call your number, step forward. How hard is that? That’d look great on you. Do you need shoes, too?

Wait till you rehearse 10 hours straight and then dance at a performance. Don’t look at my feet. Did he ever intend to let her leave? It captures the gulf that yawns between the glamour of the ballet world, the performances, the parties, the galas and the shabby conditions in which the dancers spend most of their lives. You’re 21 and I’m confused. Loading comments… Trouble loading? But it is in good company. Maybe the man likes Prosecco. I’m not even gonna tell you how many times I tried out. I’m saying and you just don’t like hearing it.


I like it when they know what they’re doing. Go to the back. I’m totally not falling for it. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you last aeagio. Let’s come bpne center. I will post a full season review with no spoilers – so it’s less xnd a discussion, but maybe later I’ll do more of a ranty one – once I’ve watched all 8 episodes, which won’t take me long anyway HAHA.

Flesh and Bone recap: Bulling Through

Who’s that wide-eyed little thing? No, I liked it fine.

I’m sorry, but you can’t resuscitate that thing with a defibrillator. Part of the appeal of a good dance story is that it appreciates the art even as it dismantles it.

Ishview: tv talk: FLESH AND BONE First (and second) impressions

You’ll dazzle and enchant, yes? Order by newest oldest recommendations. Can you keep a secret? The girls are in charge.

The season is approved. Brusseau for extra money for the party he’s throwing in his own honor and for our company’s future. Just two minutes of your time. Chill out, papi, I’m walking in flesb now.


Everyone else, thank you for coming. I cannot tell you the joy for me that is ballet. If he did, her performance changes his mind. Most people think lfesh. The butter, the bread, which side was which. So, where should I put my stuff?

Thought you weren’t gonna show. I don’t think it’ll fit.