Over the last decade, rivers have assumed another layer of meaning as a context for carrying out research i. His monthly editorial is simultaneously published by 10 leading newspapers across the Arab region, and is the only regular syndicated commentary in Arabic on environment issues. In , during the sinking of the Joola who made nearly victims, it is one of the first on the scene of the disaster. Environmental education, education for sustainable development, Earth Charter education, and higher education for sustainability. One of her tasks is to Formulate continental policies, programs and project proposals relating to issues such as Teacher Education, Higher Education, Gender and Culture in the African continent. Ali is a passionate advocate and researcher for youth engagement in EfS.

Vandana Shiva is a recipient of the Alternative Nobel Prize in “for placing women and ecology at the heart of modern development discourse,” as well as the Grand Prix of the Fukuoka Asian Culture in She is soon, the Chief of Research Department for mining then become head of the division of interests. In any case, grants will be able to support an extremely limited number of requests. His research projects and interests are: He is part of the national network of expert in Environment economy with whom he realized an economical evaluation of damages and inefficiencies caused to the environment. She brings a diverse range of skills, knowledge and perspectives to her work drawing on experience working as a classroom teacher in the inner-city and an academic background in Environmental Science, Geography and Education, and experience working as an environmental educator, ecologist, and project manager. Previously he was an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he taught at the Center for International Education.

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He was president of the National Academy of Environmental Education He also co-founded the first masters course in the UK on sustainability education at London South Bank Universityand led the WWF project on systems thinking Linking Thinking — new perspectives on thinking and learning for sustainability.


Her research interest is science education, environmental and fettoumx education and ICT in education. Michela MayerPh.

FLSH,Agadir, p en arabe. Scientific communication and environmental education lecturer in Post-graduate courses and Masters in several Italian Universities.

Blair Niblett is professor at Lakehead University, Canada. Julie is an active researcher, with extensive publications and a strong local and international professional development profile. Environmental education, Curriculum development, Teaching-learning strategy, Teacher education. He is also one of the key person of EE legislation initiative and helped the National Environmental Education Law passed by the national parliament in in Taiwan.


She has been the recipient of several awards including the Macquarie Innovation Award, the and Green Gown Award for institutional change for sustainability. Environmental Education and Sustainable Development, the Ecological Footprint and reduction of emissions of Greenhouse Gases, the marc of Agenda 21 at the University and Municipalities A21L ; and in teacher training in Sciencie. One of her tasks is to Formulate continental policies, programs and project proposals relating to issues such as Teacher Education, Higher Education, Gender and Culture in the African continent.

Her teaching and research interests are in early childhood education for sustainability and reorienting teacher education for sustainability. In the course of its business expertise and international reputation, he is regularly requested to give conferences and seminars Italy, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Tunisia Yes, you can send a maximum of two 2 proposals among oral presentations, workshops, round tables and posters.

As Member of Parliament andshe participated in the drafting of Bulgaria’s new Constitution, which contributed significantly to the country’s accession to the European Union. He works since long time in history of social sciences, bio-politics, racism and prejudice, fear of crime and insecurity, environmental sociology, environmental accounting and societal metabolism, urban sustainability and sociology of sustainability.


Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. In any case, the online payment system will calculate and the fee you have to pay. She then fettoyma his research in the field of environmental policy at ffilm Indian Institute of Science.

He has carried out research in Environmental Education, Ecological Footprint, and the implementation of Agenda 21 in Universities and Municipalities. He now runs the program in Ethiopia and in other seven African countries.


She is the fetotuma woman to have been elected head of the Organization. You can you can find them at the page http: President of Future University-Sudan www.

She has mentored many masters and doctoral research studies in environment and sustainable development. Earth Charter in Southern Africa, emphasis on education. Her research focuses on: Different registration fees are foreseen for the participation in the congress.

He is a PhD holder from the Rhodes University, South Africa, and the title of his thesis is ‘participatory mapping, learning and change in the context of bio-cultural diversity and resilience. He studied philosophy, political science and Economics at Oxford University and at the University of London. She is interested in civic ecology practices, including community gardening, community forestry, watershed enhancement, and other forms of urban restoration.

Magdy Mohamed Allam Education: NGO members are classified as “regular” in each of the four subgroups.