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So, what do you think makes those fears intensify like this? Mark Andrews Brenda Chapman. Still a few things missing. Her dressing style was one of the most talked topics beside her acting performance. Workshop has to settle first. And I believe with my heart that he’ll be a much better father than I was.

Fatmagul Episode 73 Promo Mon-Sat, 850 PM only on Zindagi(teaser)

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Thank you alot for all your efforts, can’t wait for the next episodes. But it is in turkish with no subtitles. Retrieved 31 March It was one of the most played games at the time of its publication.

What is Fatmagul’s Fault?: Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne? Episode 73

Despite trying to fight against his circumstances, Selim knows that his end is coming soon, as well. I put up with her ungratefulness up to now. The sweet urgency of the wedding preparations comes to a peak on the wedding day. We can always change it later.


I think I dialed the wrong number, Isn’t that Yasaran Holding? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I like how Fatmagul looked so innocent and shy afterward and knowing what she is capable of from Aski Memnu series make me believe she is a very good actress. You’ve got me more than enough chocolate and the flowers already.

I don’t know really. Episdoe 18 March Look at that man! When is episode Episode 73 English Subtitles. I really like it. Why didn’t you ask for an extension? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She played the character Gece.

Beren Saat

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I got some of the payments postponed. You are going to make yourself ill.

Could anybody tell me when the following episodes 74, 75 and till the end will be shown here although it’s almost at the end of the series.

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I chose them all with my mom. Archived from the original on 9 September How can I get epieode rest episodes with English subtitle? How would I know my name was going to be involved in this kind of trouble?

Nezihe help to relieve their worries. Durak Ajans in Turkish.

Maybe we won’t, maybe I’ll call you to tell you to leave the money somewhere. I would like to have you here as a guest.

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