His mom says to K: But, the thing is Only the chubby guy Abe claps loudly. I want to see Mok Dan’s crushes on two people finally becomes the same person. Kenji says into the phone: P I guess she’ll be right? Choi Dae Chul Supporting Cast. I love stories that are full of moral shades of grey instead of just good vs evil and Gaksital is perfectly set up to be such a story.

Woah this episode really gutted me. I have to kill her. I am waiting at the edge of my seat for the next recap! However, as you said, since this is an international blog of sorts, it’s better to be overly careful and not use it than use it and offend someone. Jung Eun Byul Supporting Cast. He throws notices written in red attached to a knife — he throws them near the family members of the deceased.

I just love everything about this. What about Kang-to and the girl?

I like every scene maask JW and his brother. K asks for a bout. The mom says stop you will get hurt. JW gets off his horse and bows as the procession passes.

May 31, at 6: Song Ok Sook Supporting Cast. Since nobody in this drama is allowed to have fewer than two identities, apparently.

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Lee Il Jae Supporting Cast. Like Bruce Wayne’s Alfred. Notify me of new comments via email. When kang To finds out his mother is dead he is totally gonna kill kenji!! Its full of action drama and good acting. Ga Won Supporting Cast. Yoon Bong — kil as Abe Shinji the chubby guy with the hat that is with K all the time. I am waiting at the epcrama of my seat for the next recap! D looks out at the crowd and other girl asks who are you waiting for. K announces this is the last chance to catch Gakistal.


Wow, this is getting really good, if not amazing. I hope to see more story than action.

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I couldn’t believed that with all the scars and bruises on Mok Dan’s face, in an instant it disappeared all at once. Lol, guess I watched that a little too quickly.

Count Lee fumes at being locked up in his own home; with Judge Choi and Dr. Thankfully, Kenji is as inept at seeing this through as he is being a decent human being, and his bullet goes long.

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However we’ve added on this disclaimer. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Hate bees and stings swell overly large on me so I avoid them.

Kimura Taro the actor who played the president on city hunter- dont know his real name.

Kenji is just as startled, but his father is calling him to the scene of the crime and he runs off with a curse. Ani June 13, at 9: King Beee’ and running away from an insect in his room.



Kang-to recognizes the dagger dropped by his assailant, and with horror reveals her face under the mask: Once the real story gets going, I hope that it mixes in a fair bit of intrigue and surprises us with some good twists and turns. Episode 4 by Regals. Not to mention that they’re jumping from one building to another without suffering any injuries as if they have wings.

That probably explains it. They seem like equals.

Thanks for the recap: He has catlike reflexes and dodges daggers, rolling midair to avoid punches and land solid kicks of his own. Yes its a 24 ep drama but we don’t want the development to be too slow.

Mawiie June 13, at