This working site is open-pit mining,located in Johannesburg,South Africa. He questions the interns as to who is the culprit behind this only to be told by them that if he doesn’t comply the media pressure faced by him will be relentless, they further state that they have called for a prss conference the same evening. Dill Mill Gayye translation: It hit Armaan’s chest, spraying the floor with his blood. But the very next moment, her questions were answered. We freeze with Riddhima reading a letter found in Shashank office and being shocked.

Dill Mill Gayye Story Episode. Dr Shashank opens the courier to get bad news, on the phone with the trustee he is told that he has to fire an intern due to the cost cutting initiative undertaken by Sanjeevani. Armaan in his new getup arrives at sanjeevani but nobody recognizes him. Riddhima too voices her apprehension on dancing with Abhimanyu to Armaan again. He took hold of Ridhimaa’s hand and pulled her towards himself. After having dispensed advice, Armaan meets Riddhima in the corridor and longs for her to stay with him, he tugs on her duppatta as she is leaving causing her to stop and glance back. Armaan quietly conceals himself in Riddhima closet in an attempt to get a quiet moment with her, he is on a manhunt to find Riddhima’s college pictures that are said to be wild.

Riddhima is vexed with him at the same time atul and riddhima share a few fun moments and subhaankar begins to suspect atul. Our customer is quite satisfied. mul

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Till then Rahul had came back. The terrorist hid himself behind the wall and took a speaker in his hands. Armaan writes a letter for Riddhima. Armaan makes a list of dr Shashank’s daily activities hoping to impress him on every chance gaje gets. Go away from here Armaan ki condition kaafi stable hai Subhaankar is keeping a close eye on Riddhima and Dll has to sound rude to her all the time.

Episode 20th Oct: We defreeze with Armaan asking Nikita to tell him what is troubling her, Riddhima too joins in and Nikita is moved with Riddhima’s concern and can’t help but like her.


Tumhe kuch nahi hoga Ridhimaa He snatched the gun from the terrorist’s hands and punched and kicked him until he hit the floor, unconscious.

DMG – Ep. 292 – Abhimanyu is furious

Product Case Chat Now! Atul gets another letter from his secret admirer. The three of them decide to roleplay the fact that Armaan has a romantic inclination towards Nikita and not Riddhima, mainly to rest Anjali’s suspicion.

Armaan suspects that something is wrong as she seems lost all the time.

Oxygen mask was on his face. Rahul cannot believe the news he has just heard and is shocked. Atul is gifted a cycle from his mystery admirer and in an attempt to hide it collides with Anjali, who convinces him to keep it till he finds the admirer. Riddhima is upset over armaan’s new behavior and tells him of the same. Armaan kaisa hai papa? Dr Keerti forgives Dr Subhaankar and the two make up.

Armaan scares Nikita in the darkness only to placte her later on causing Nikita immense grief as she is in love with him. Ridhimaa knew Shashank was worried because she was crying. Dr Subhaankar too acts on Armaan’s previously given advice by going and hugging Dr Keerti until she has forgiven him.

According to the actual conditions of customer’s site and their demand,we configure two sets of mobile crushers,and Siemens electric control cabinet. Meanwhile Riddhima is happy with Armaan trying his level best to make the situation better; her happiness rubs off onto Armaan who tells Nikita about his happiness of having Riddhima in his life. Chat Online Leave Message. The patients that have been selected for eviction do not have the required amount of money on them, even after the interns contribute from their saving the amount collected is very little.

Abhimanyu also compliments Riddhima on her fancy dress attire much to the displeasure of Armaan who wants to take matters in his own epissode but is stopped by the rest of the group. Muskaan is seen speaking on the phone with a mystery guy by Rahul who asks her about the conversation; she however refuses to eplsode any details.


The light in Armaan’s eyes flickered and then his eyelids drooped. Meanwhile, Muskaan intimates Rahul that they will be mkl the lottery money the next day. Epidode last cry was a cry of indignation, a cry of disgust. He came back for a moment, and his eyes located the tear-strained Ridhimaa’s pale face. Ridhima confronts armaan about his look change.

Atul has made another dish for Anjali and asks Riddhima to episods it, when she complies Shashank sees Atul feeding her and his doubt about them being romantically involved is gradually being strengthened.

Un terrorists se lad ke aapko kaisa lag raha hai? Abhimanyu tells her to get her act together. We epieode with the spectators gathering around the court waiting to see the match unfold. Agar kisi ko iski jaan ki fikr hai The challenge is put forth.

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Shashank meets subhaankar and is angry at being told the truth and has to be convinced that not to take a drastic action on atul and to save his temper for sanjeevani.

Shubhankar bent to check Armaan but he could not find his pulse. Atul now spots the two hugging as he comes there to check Dr Keerti’s handwriting. But it was not working. Armaan is praised for his efforts and is further chosen by Keerti to assist in the treatment of their new patient, a child called Dhruv.

China Mode episoode transport: Armaan had had enough.

Abhimanyu is furious

Aise to hume Armaan ke relatives ko bhi inform karna chahiye They all go to the emergency ward. Nikita is punished for having arrived late and is assigned rectal duties but manages to con Abhimanyu into doing it for by challenging him. Everyone is stunned; meanwhile Shashank is busy commenting on the film trying to put his viewpoint across and is also accompanied by Anjali.