Several of the characters in the books have visited the Other Railway or used it to travel from place to place. Barry looked to the big green diesel, “has he always been like this? He growled at D, “get out of here you dumb waste of space, and take that rubbish that’s coming out of your mouth with you. Is that all you can haul? He’ll be working here until Henry returns,” he added, “so until then, do your best to ignore him. When he arrived after being shown around by BoCo , he was disgusted to see steam engines in the shed and showed his disdain by calling them “Dirty, Smoky, Slow Things,” and causing trouble. You lot must have cracks in your frames. The Trouble with Brothers 2.

Old Stuck-Up is a class 40 diesel who once visited the island. One of Diesel’s brothers appeared in one of the illustrations for Thomas and the Great Railway Show helping to shunt Thomas onto a lorry. The staff will tell you which sidings they are. The trucks giggled in their silly way. D glared at the shunters, “those steam engines have made you forget your place. The diesel gave in and went to collect his trucks without another word, at least not to the yard manager.

The undamaged ones were put back on their wheels and taken away by Barry, who had been asked to help while the broken trucks were left by the lineside. It is said that his real number was D in The Railway Series also. The big e;isode looked to Barry, “You must be kidding me, another stupid kettle on this railway? They all giggled and agreed to try the plan tomorrow.

The Other Railway

Although the fictional North Western Railway or Fat Controller’s Railway was part of the nationalised railway network it kept most of its operating independence from British Railways on the mainland. He pulled, and he pulled, but nothing worked. He was about ready to leave when he heard an unfamilar diesel horn.


A stupid steamer, stronger than me? This article does not cite any sources.

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The yard foreman stared angerily at the diesel, “the Fat Controller said you might act like this, and he’s told me to tell you that if you don’t work, you’ll be locked up in the shed until Henry returns.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yhomas In All Stories: Not to mention the damage you’ve caused to this barge. At that moment, Bear arrived. It’s Okay To Be Different 5.

Henry the Green Engine was struggling aganist a surging line of troublesome trucks. All the pulling though was straining the coupling, and with one big pull, it finally snapped.

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He also had a cameo appearance in the television series episode “Rusty to the Rescue”. Gordon was grumbling too, but for different reasons, “those trucks are so stupid, if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have to deal with Spamcan. Later that night, he went to the main line sheds to speak with the engines. They pushed and pushed with all their might, making the big green engine go faster and faster down the main line. Oh well, better late than never right?

In the end, as Henry put it, “Old Stuck-Up came unstuck” when he slipped on a patch of oil left by BoCo and Bear and crashed through the back wall of the engine shed. Diesels are better than steamers any day of the week. D’s Driver sighed, “I really need to stop listening to this fool, his stupid ideas only land us both in trouble.


Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Is that all you can haul? Henry rescued both the engine and his train, and D was soon sent away in disgrace by the Fat Controller. Carrying his tops number and in bright blue color.

Snow Trouble for Thomas 3. The yard foreman came forth to speak with Spamcan, “you are to take a goods train to Vicarstown. Unbeknownst to them, they were all correct, but they did not realize, due to being on their own isolated lines before coming to Sodor, ghomas there were a number of stations in London, and that these were merely three of them.

He and Bear argued, and the other engines took an instant dislike to D When the noise had died down, epiwode he opened his eyes, Henry found himself on the side of the line with a line of trucks piled up behind him. Barry looked to the big green diesel, “has he always been like this? Diesel is the Railway Series’ first real villain who turns out as a scheming, oily trickster with a foul temper that likes to cause trouble wherever he goes.

What he didn’t know was that the truck’s brakes had been locked. Later that night, Henry returned to the sheds and after getting a welcome back from the others, they told him all about what the trucks did. I’ll prove that Class tthomas like myself are the best diesels around. The Fat Controller soon came on the scene.

The staff will tell you which sidings they are. D growled and pulled forward, but still the train wouldn’t move.