As in I Know Where I’m Going , a prophetic promise made by lovers comes true, and signals to Candy that it’s time to change. The chronological events of a human life feel random without the connective tissue, the beating heart that brings us back again and again to the pleasures of narrative as art—stakes and tension, an intricate sense of causality and surprise, a sense of purpose. Colonel Blimp suggests that a common-sense commoner, a soldier in the humble home guard, knows better how to wage war than do the professionals. Technical Specs In a word, astonishing. Candy’s endearing life-long friendship with Theo Kretschmar-Schuldorff, a German enemy turned ally, also helps to layer the film with even more dramatic substance. Blu-ray user rating Video 0.

Blog 11 hours ago. The two men meet again during WWI. Instead, the healthy rebel is the new England, seen as efficient, up to date, and hip. Magnolia Pictures Running Time: Any suggestion that there would be any dissent or confusion of ideas in the War effort must certainly have been seen as detrimental by the besieged government. While fighting, Candy and Theo both suffer serious injuries and end up in the same hospital, where they eventually become friends.

That rules and regulations were all that mattered. Stills Gallery HD – An extensive gallery of production stills, behind-the-scenes photos, and promotional materials is included. His career militarism is established not in shots of him during one of the three wars in which he serves but of the restless addition of game trophies in his rarely occupied house during peacetime.

At the time, however, the character known as Colonel Blimp was a satirical truncheon wielded by cartoonist David Low at the British establishment, which he saw as capable of absurdly reactionary attitudes and pronouncements. Rike clearly wants to assist the refugees she encounters, to provide them with bottled water, medical care, and maybe even sanctuary on her yacht, and yet, like the subject of a Milgram experiment, she allows her natural empathy to be overridden by a cruel and perplexing official command.

The two marry, but then Clive is made aware that Theo is in a prisoner of war camp. The transition from back towith its echoing underwater voice, uses a real Turkish bath to effect a substitute ‘wavy dissolve’.

You can also suggest completely new similar titles to The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp in the search box below. Sign Up for Our Weekly Newsletter. An exceptional release for an exceptional movie, this disc is very highly recommended for all film fans, and is a genuine must own for anyone with even a cursory interest in classic cinema.


So the final conclusion is that they are both acceptable to DVDBeaver. Iceland, portrayed as menaced by blikp capitalism, is in danger of being synthesized out of existence. When Candy initially meets Edith the first role Kerr inhabits it’s clear that he’s in love, but the poor bastard doesn’t realize it until it’s too late. Colonel Blimp is one of the loveliest-looking Technicolor films to date, and more artful than most Hollywood films.

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp Blu-ray Roger Livesey

There is a crispness and perceived range tucked in there. Playing the part in three distinct time periods, the actor crafts a convincing, gradual transformation that hits all the right transitional beats. There are many large and elaborate sets designed by Alfred Junge, and scenes shot on a lavish scale. Criterion has just released it on Blu-ray and our review follows after the jump. Awards 5 days ago. We gain a full understanding of the character. Both versions have strengths in certain areas.


One additional point – the Carlton menus are wonderfully animated! While fighting, Candy and Theo both suffer serious injuries and end up in the same hospital, where they eventually become friends. According to experts, Churchill might have viewed the film as an attack on what he believed in, or a promotion of what he was fighting against, as he was in the middle of running a war against Nazi Germany.

It’s an unshakeable inevitability of life, and it’s rarely a painless process. The Theo Schuldorff character is just as civilized as Clive Candy, and he gets the girl, too. And then there’s the romantic notion bpimp having the three female characters played by the same actress, Deborah Kerr in her first major role. Optimism and Sheer Will HD, 29 min – In this lengthy and informative interview recorded inAcademy Award rzy editor and widow of Michael Powell, Thelma Schoonmaker, describes how she met the director boimp discusses the film’s long-lasting themes.

If Beale Street Could Talk. A gallery of behind-the-scenes stills contains one rare image after another. Giving the enemy a human face was not something British officials wanted to see in a film that was expected to support their policies.


The movie’s influential duel scene is a particularly good example of this sharp satirical style. Our preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the films, big and small, coming your way soon. The Archer’s other wartime drama A Canterbury Tale another marvelous film in which rebiew events are imposed on a ‘normal’ wartime reality.

An Unexpected Journey to Blu-ray. Commentary, interview with Thelma Schoonmaker, galleries, restoration demo, insert essay by Molly Haskell. Though limited by its age, this is a very solid mix that’s free from any major technical issues.

Coming Soon to Blu-ray: As Theo mourns over his great losses, Powell opts to present a large chunk of the sequence as one undisturbed shot, gracefully pushing the camera in and out to emphasize the emotional arc of the character’s words.

The Criterion may be a shade darker in some scenes – has a slightly lower bitrate, but this is from the same restoration, dual-layered and looks wonderful.

Svet Atanasov on November 20, where this Blu-ray release scored 4. The second “subversive” message – which must have been the main reason why Churchill was infuriated by the film and tried to stop it – suggests that ideas and policies alone cannot be used to condemn people or justify wars, simply because they are not and cannot be universally accepted by everyone.

In the midst of the war Candy is something of a dinosaur whose views feel disappointingly outdated, dangerously anti-patriotic. A Star Is Born. Furthering this end, Pressburger’s dialogue is full of hilariously dry observations and densely packed, witty conversations.

After all, in Powell and Pressburger’s charmingly satirical world, I’m not so sure that there’s a difference. Deep DiscountBuy. An Autobiography by Michael Powell. The main title sequence depicts a series of sewn tapestries, and the image proves to be impeccably rendered, revealing every tiny thread of needlework in the textiles.