Fortunately, she is devirtualized before the Skidbladnir is totally destroyed. Yumi, not part of the class, remains behind to sit through two important exams. Once more at the supercomputer, the group unanimously decides to shut it down, closing the book on their adventures. Earth anymore to be materialized on Earth. Meanwhile, Jeremie and Odd have to deal with the possessed factory equipment. Additionally, Ulrich meets the mysterious but beautiful Yumi who beats him in a duel; much to his shock. I was just working out the statistical probability of a girl as pretty and charming as Bringa falling in love with a guy like Odd!

Views Read Edit View history. This episode never aired in Serbia. Episode 95 – Echoes. During a vacation period at the school, the group plans to have a party at Yumi’s house. At Kadic, things have changed for Bringa: Jeremie discovers the return to the pasts are making XANA stronger and more powerful. This means that they could shut it down, but it would do no good. However, he seems to forget about boys’ dorm inspection, so Jim forces him to stay behind.

Once a return trip wipes everyone’s memories, Odd plays his video, which showcases all the humorous moments at Kadic, with Sissi in particular being treated in a positive light as thanks for her earlier assistance, much to her confusion and surprise. I think that girl has turned our Casanova into a Romeo! Previous page [ Season 4 – Part 1 ].

Outnumbered and powerless, she runs for it, pursued by her enemies! Episode 83 – Hard Luck. She fails, but Odd and Ulrich stumble upon the scene. It is later christened the Skidbladnir, nicknamed “the Skid” by Odd, after the Norse ship. Just when it looks like Jeremie’s tower will fall, Franz Hopper steps in and protects it. Ulrich talks to Yumi about the note and tells her that he feels the same way, only to find out that it is Sissi who wrote it.

When Suzanne gives a lesson on nanotechnology, she uses a small hombshell designed to produce the little robots as an example. William then goads Ulrich into racing, despite his obvious reluctance. The group would rather not have people setting up shop in their factory, so Ulrich tries to convince Finson that making a movie there would be a bad idea.


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While they try to get to the factory, the find Sissi, Herve, and T. Jeremie’s cousin, Patrick, comes to visit.

The new virtual, submersible “submarine” as Jeremie calls it is almost complete, the last step being a secondary program that needs to be run by 4 PM the next day. But, unfortunately Patrick goes back 58 his own school.

Code Lyoko Episode 85 – Kadic Bombshell

This takes place several weeks before the events of “Teddygozilla”. She does so with help from Hiroki and Johnny. To that end, she shuts down the supercomputer. Aelita is at the final audition with the Subdigitals, competing against two other candidates, and thus cannot be contacted. Maya who discovers her real name of Aelita when shutting down the tower suggests they shut down the supercomputer, but the group decides to help Jeremie until Aelita is successfully materialized into coode real world.

Instead, she starts speaking in an unknown language, focusing on Jeremie as she does. Jeremie also finds a way to free Aelita from the supercomputer. When the orb attacks Ulrich and Yumi a stubborn Yumi demands to know what is going on, forcing Ulrich to take her to the supercomputer with him.

After meeting up, she has Odd take her to the computer room. Furthermore, XANA brings his Kankrelats into the real world in mass numbers and unleashes them on the school.

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Just like Ulrich promised, he is nicer to Sissi at the end. Aelita is able to deactivate the tower and Yumi claims that one day they will bring William home. Unfortunately, after two tries, both ending in failure, Aelita, with the help of Yumi and Ulrich, has to deactivate the tower or else Odd, Milly, Tamiya, and Kiwi will be killed. Once Franz is finished transmitting the data, Aelita and Odd head to Carthage to launch the program. This assumption is ultimately false, shutting down the attack on Earth rather than materializing her.


His creation goes on biting other rats, putting them under his control. Though it works quite well to begin with, everything goes wrong when it senses Aelita’s virus, which is linked to XANA.

After following her all day and ending up in the gym, a flock of crows possessed by XANA attacks Yumi. They try to interview Sissi, who was prom queen last year, but she turns them down and makes fun of them for their age. Jeremie and Aelita escape but Ulrich and the other students except William, who is turned into one himself fight the rest. Hey, would you like to have a fantastic breathtaking experience in the moonlight today?

It turns out that Aelita never had a virus. Odd volunteers, and is enhanced by a ghost of Jeremie’s design. Jeremie then realizes that with the four main sectors gone, they will not be able to go to Sector 5. This becomes all bojbshell more problematic when William catches Aelita alone on Lyoko.

After rescuing Aelita from William, they make up. In a side story, Odd blackmails Jim into asking Jean-Pierre to make Odd have the same classes as his friends. Aelita comes to and intervenes by destroying a Kankrelat with an energy field, while Yumi breaks the ice, then destroys the second Blok! Aelita goes to Lyoko first.

Yumi is forced to opt out after her continued late-night trips to Lyoko draw the attention of her parents.