Also known as Trois fois Manon. They are joined by Estrella, the sister of their extraterrestrial friend, Hilguegue. Her brother Stanislas is obsessed with money, her mother is self-obsessed and her father hasn’t a clue what is going on. Archived from the original on After his promotion to Commissaire Principal, Pierre Cordier continues his fight against crime without the aid of his children, who have both left home. Antoine Navarro, a single father, raises his daughter Yolande and works as a Parisian Commissaire de Police.

Commissioner Moulin , though the position is not actually identical. After her uncle is assassinated, thirty year-old Sandra Paoli inherits his position as the leader of a powerful mafia clan. Lists of television series by country. This page was last edited on 4 January , at Une Fille D’Enfer [54]. Most episodes cross two or more countries to study the effect that a product, trade or ethnic group from the past has had on global culture. Thalassa focuses on the sea from an ecological, geographical, sporting, transportation and historical point of view.

A ninety-minute news series on France’s channel D8. After a decade spent raising her four children, Commandant Candice Renoir returns to the police force. A comedy-drama about a guardian angel who solves people’s problems with her insight and magical powers.

The focus is mainly on the differences between how both sets of parents raise their children and how the children differ from their parents expectations. Mais je ne peux pas, ne pas choisir.


Set in Antigonean area in the city of Montpellier. Pour un type de Marseille, eposode parisien a un accent je vous assure, un accent non chantant mais un accent. Tout le monde veut prendre sa place. Trois femmes flics [29]. Depicts the crime fighting adventures of the Cordier family.

The two play various women from all walks of life in ordinary circumstances that often turn absurd. The Grand Tour See: She has come to earth to learn about marselllais. Created by Bernard Pivot as a replacement for his earlier show, Apostrophes. As co-inheritor, Valentine refuses to sell Thomas her half and they agree to live together in the apartment. She has six months to prove herself.

A long running police series following the adventures of Jean-Paul Moulin, a lighthearted police commissaireand his team as they solve crimes. Le budget semble sympa? Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie.

Jamais deux sans toi This page was last edited on 4 Januaryat Article sans doute mis en avant sur le site du monde. Journal de 13 heures or 13 heures.

Marseille – Et soudain, c’est le drame

Near the end of the program there is a short segment that is part of the monthly voyage, entitled Les Routes mythiques lit. It already has over two thousand episodes and five million regular viewers. New towna fictional French village on the French-Swiss border.


This series is followed by a spin-off, Commissaire Cordierwhich continues Commissaire Pierre Cordier’s career after both his children have left. Also known as Vendredi, tout est permis avec Arthur and Ce soir tout est permis avec Arthur. They attempt to break into their chosen field in the entertainment industry with the help of celebrity sponsors.

Juge et Flic [32]. Cela serait-il une bonne chose?

Marseille – Et soudain, c’est le drame | Le Monde Des Séries

Residents try to cope under the new regime. This is a spin-off of the series Les Cordiers: A cnti of the —present series, WorkinGirlswhich is a French adaptation of the —present Dutch series, Toren C. Et des romans modernes. Throughout the series, Tony’s past is revealed in flashbacks of the s to s.

An investigative program that conducts scientific examinations of unexplained phenomena and experiences. After her uncle is assassinated, thirty year-old Sandra Paoli inherits his position as the leader of a powerful mafia clan.

Based on the Transporter film series.