These wall brackets always belong to the scope of supply of your movie system. Never put a hand or a foreign object into the ventilation port. Do not use spirit based cleaners for the loudspeaker cabinet. Antes de la puesta en funcionamiento espere a que haya desaparecido la humedad generada. When the subwoofer is in use the LED is green. If the hum disappears when a particular device is switched off, get it fitted with interference suppression, or try connecting it to a different phase line of the supply mains consult an electrician if necessary.

No posicione su subwoofer cerca de fuentes de calor. Por favor, antes de instalar y conectar sus bafles lea atentamente estas instrucciones de uso. Para interrumpir el suministro de corriente, apague el subwoofer en el interruptor de red Img. Use the volume control to customise the volume of the Canton subwoofer to match the other loudspeakers in your system. In addition it is to be made certain that only fuses are used which correspond to the given values 0. Beispiele sehen Sie in Abb. Please place the subwoofer at a safe distance to your TV set min. In this case investigate 3.

Evite las diferencias de temperatura extremas y proteja sus altavoces de la humedad. Try increasing the volume level! Speakerstands An alternative to wall mounting offer the Canton LSspeakerstands. Check the output level of the amplifier! In the “AUTO” position, the subwoofer automatically switches itself on when a musical signal is detected.

Warranty cannot be extended by exchanging components during the guarantee period. In most cases the surround-speakers should be located to the left and right beside or behind the listener, slightly higher than the seat position.


Subwoofer operating controls Power switch: Eteignez l’amplificateur avant d’effectuer le branchement des enceintes. Connect all devices which are connected to the amplifier, via grounded mains plugs to the same strip of power outlets multiple mains voltage distribution strip!

Avoid extreme temperature differences and protect your loudspeakers against humidity. Bei eventuellen Fragen wird Ihnen dieses Team von erfahrenen Distributoren gemeinsam mit dem autorisierten Fachhandel gerne weiterhelfen.

They guarantee an optimum position in earlevel. Get the fuse replaced by a technician! Verwenden Sie zum Testen ein anderes Cinchkabel!

CANTON MOVIE 60 CX ZILVER Speaker download manual for free now – 31F9A |

Untersuchen Sie in diesem Fall die Punkte 3. Never pull the wires themselves.

If the signal level of the subwoofer output cannot be increased any more, instead reduce the signal levels of the other outputs by the same amount each! If this file was helpful.


The addresses of Canton’s international distributors can be found at: This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with other household wastes throughout the EU.

In this case investigate 3. Falls erforderlich, einen Fachmann zu Rate ziehen. Les caissons de basse actifs et les appareils partiellement actifs sont garantis 2 ans. Bei starken Temperaturschwankungen kann es zu Kondensniederschlag Wassertropfen im Inneren des Subwoofers kommen. Plus an Plus und Minus an Minus. Replace the signal line with a properly shielded one!

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Para interrumpir el suministro de corriente, apague el subwoofer en el interruptor de red Img. All Canton center-speakers are magnetically shielded to prevent disturbance of the television picture. If present, first remove the insulating protective caps from the screw terminals.


Wenden Sie sich im Schadensfall bitte an ihn oder direkt an den Canton Service. The volume control allows you to change the volume of your subwoofer and therefore the intensity of the low bass reproduction fig.

We at Canton wish you lots of pleasure and enjoyment with your new Canton-speakers. Clean with a damp lint free cloth only.

Maintenance To enjoy your Canton loudspeakers as long as possible you have to consider the following: Esto proprietaion de pared farman siempre parte del volumen de entrega de su movie sistema.

Positivo con positivo y negativo con negativo. You will find one of the connector terminals as shown left on the rear of your Canton speakers. Er wird in unterhalb aufgestellt. Conecte del subwoofer Bornes de rosca: No limpie la superficie de la caja con sustancias abrasivas o que contengan alcohol. To cut the power, switch the subwoofer off using the power switch fig.